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Jaw & Order: Special Veneers Unit
In the cosmetic dental practice, unpleasant smiles are considered especially heinous. All over the country, the dedicated dentists who treat these ugly mugs are members of an elite squad known as the Special Veneers Unit. These are their cases. GUM–GUM!

The Hygienist’s Tale
Set in a dystopian, fluorideless future, hygienists are forced to do 20-minute prophies for taskmaster overlords. The fundamentalist regime forces RDHs into providing subpar treatments at breakneck speeds ... and chart by themselves! One of these hygienists, Ophelia, is determined to find a nice, private practice where she can SRP in peace.

Office Highlights

House of Caries
After being snubbed for a chance to lead the local dental study club, Dr. Dennis Overtree quietly returns to his practice, seemingly unbothered by the slight from his colleague and friend. But soon, Overtree and his wife/co-owner/office manager hatch their plan to steal all the patients they can by undercutting the competition, expanding hours and offering free whitening.

Game of Crowns
Two family-owned dental offices have practiced in peace for 15 years, since the rebellion led by Dr. Bob Borotheon drove a third, competing clinic across town. But now the delicate patient balance is at risk, as the daughter of the vanquished practice, Dr. Denise Tangerine, has graduated from dental school and seeks to reopen an office nearby and reclaim her father’s referral network.

The Walking Dentures
In the not-so-distant future, 1 in 5 Americans will be retirement age. Old people outnumber children. Hordes of elderly claw weekly through practice doors and overwhelm lobbies. Their tired, gummy mouths open slowly, each one desiring the same terrifying thing to satiate their desires: Brains! Dentures!

Scaler Things
When Dr. Royce’s 12-year associate goes missing soon after another dental office opens down the road, she launches into a depressing investigation into his obvious new employment. As she searches for answers, only more questions emerge. Now, one of her assistants has put in her two-week’s notice. Is this the work of supernatural forces? Why would anyone go work there?


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