Fall Product Showcase

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Fall Product Showcase

It’s the time of year when dentists start thinking about new purchases they can put into practice soon, expanding their offerings and making things easier on doctor and patient alike. Our roundup features some of the top equipment categories that Townies have expressed interest in learning more about—especially items that wouldn’t break their budget during Q4.

Over the next several pages, you’ll discover more about technology and devices that can make your views clearer, your work quicker, and you and your patients more comfortable in the operatory.

Cameras—Intraoral and Extraoral

Dexis Dexcam 4 HD - KaVo
Create immediate visual impact with high-definition images from the Dexis Dexcam 4 HD intraoral camera. It produces clear, detailed images, and it is easy to use.

For more information, visit dexis.com.

iOCam - DentLight
iOCam is a lightweight, loupe-mounted HD camera that provides live video display and recording capability at 1,280-by-720 resolution.

For more information, visit dentlight.com.

Caries Detection

Canary System - Quantum Dental Technologies
The Canary System, which has a CDT billing code, is a noninvasive laser device for the detection and monitoring of caries. Research shows it can detect caries on all tooth surfaces, including pits and fissures, around intact restoration margins, in interproximal regions, beneath clear or opaque sealants, around orthodontic brackets, and beneath clear resin infiltrants.

For more information, visit thecanarysystem.com.

Dexis CariVu - KaVo
The Dexis CariVu is a portable caries detection device that uses transillumination technology to support the identification of occlusal, interproximal and recurrent carious lesions and cracks.

For more information, visit dexis.com.

Fusion-DOE System - DentLight
The Fusion-DOE System is a photonics center designed for fast curing and caries and oral cancer detection. It utilizes a patented optic system and fluorescence imaging technology.

For more information, visit dentlight.com.

Lum: Sub-Enamel Illumination - Digital Doc
Digital Doc’s Lum extends the detection capabilities of the Iris camera with proven subenamel illumination diagnostic methods. A compact, easy-to-use tool, Lum provides instant documentation as well as detection of all findings.

Lum’s specialized LED technology works when the device is positioned so high-intensity light travels perpendicular to the plane of the tooth. In a tooth without impurities, the light will travel uninterrupted from the buccal surface to the lingual, which can be observed on the occlusal table of the tooth by its uniform illumination. When a tooth has impurities such as fractures or leaking amalgam, the light is dispersed, showing up clearly in near-X-ray-like images.

For more information, visit digi-doc.com/product/lum or call 800-518-1102.

Curing Lights

Bluephase Style - Ivoclar Vivadent
The Bluephase Style Curing Light represents the latest in LED curing light technology in a slim and lightweight design. With patented Polywave technology to cure all dental materials, a newly designed light probe for easy access to posterior teeth, and the option to be used cordless or corded, it provides the ultimate curing experience. Additionally, its easy-to-use two-button operation makes it extremely intuitive and user-friendly.

For more information, visit ivoclarvivadent.us.

Fusion5 - DentLight
Fusion5, one of the profession’s most powerful, dependable and versatile curing lights, delivers focused 4,000 mW/cm2 intensity for a deep cure in three seconds.

For more information, visit dentlight.com.

Parkell Curing Light - Parkell
Parkell’s sleek new curing light features a low-profile head that facilitates reaching into the posterior region of the mouth or sliding it into the buccal vestibule. It offers three modes of curing and two user-selectable intensity settings.

For more information, visit parkell.com.

Valiant Curing Lights - Vista Dental Products
The Valiant Multispectral Curing Light features precision optics for a uniform beam and deep cure, and the straight design of its lightweight aluminum body offers excellent access.

The Valiant Pink utilizes technology with red and blue wavelengths, improving microhardness compared to conventional lights.

For more information, visit vista-dental.com.

Valo, Valo Cordless and Valo Grand Curing Lights - Ultradent Products
Valo’s multiwavelength LED and optimally collimated beam makes it capable of polymerizing all dental materials, and the ergonomic design of its wand-style body and large footprint of its curing head provides unprecedented access to the oral cavity. Precision-milled from a solid bar of aircraft aluminum, its unibody construction ensures unsurpassed durability.

Valo Cordless is available in graphite, gold, fuschia and teal, and the new Valo Grand features a 50 percent larger curing lens measuring 12mm and a handy back-activation button for ease of use.

For more information, visit ultradent.com.


NLXK - Brasseler USA
The ergonomically-designed NLXK from Brasseler USA features 26 watts of power for smoother cutting efficiency, ComfortGRIP coating, lightweight titanium construction, and a three-year warranty.

For more information, visit brasselerusa.com.

Phasor - Vista Dental Products
The Phasor uses unique technology to rapidly heat composite material and maintain that temperature throughout delivery, improving handling and adaptation of any packable composite in seconds.

For more information, visit vista-dental.com.

Slim Line II - Dent Corp
The Slim Line II pneumatic crown and bridge remover utilizes compressed air with adjustable-speed force to permanently remove cemented crowns and bridges without damaging them, allowing them to be used again. It connects directly to a 4/5- or 2/3-hole handpiece connector and is autoclavable.

For more information, email dentcorp@cloud9.net.


Epic X Diode Laser - Biolase
The Epic X Diode Laser delivers surgical, whitening, and pain relief capabilities—all at a dentist’s fingertips. It’s designed for easy transport and maximum patient comfort.

With no foot pedal, power cord or external controls, the Epic X Diode Laser takes dental lasers beyond portable.

For more information, visit biolase.com.

Gemini 810 & 980 Soft-Tissue Laser - Ultradent Products
The Gemini 810 & 980 Soft-Tissue Diode Laser offers dual-wave technology, combining the optimal absorption of the 810nm wavelength and optimal water absorption of the 980nm wavelength. Its design features a transparent electroluminescent display, while the tip of the laser illuminates, providing better visibility at the surgical site.

For more information, visit ultradent.com.

Light Systems—Headlights

LED DayLite WireLess Mini HDi Headlight - Designs for Vision
The LED DayLite WireLess Mini HDi Headlight weighs only 1?ounce and provides the quality of light often associated with wired units. It is modular and can be added to most loupes regardless of brand. Incorporating Designs for Vision’s HDi technology into the Wireless Mini HDi allows it to gather all the light emitted by the LED and project it evenly along the user’s line of sight, providing well-defined, shadow-free illumination.

For more information, visit designsforvision.com.

NanoFreedom - DentLight
Nano Freedom is a lightweight wireless headlight that integrates a 3-gram LED lamp and a touch-free battery to fit directly on the frames of all major loupes.

For more information, visit dentlight.com.

Wireless Air Co-Axial Light - SurgiTel
Providing high-quality optics in a lightweight package, the cordless Wireless Air Co-Axial Light utilizes patented technology to deliver a uniform and color-accurate beam. Additionally, when loupe-mounted, it reduces shadowing in the operating area.

For more information, visit surgitel.com.


EyeZoom Loupes - Orascoptic
Unique adjustable-magnification loupes, EyeZoom offers three magnification levels ranging from 3x to 5x. Developed to assist health care professionals view an operating site from multiple perspectives, these loupes conform to fit each user’s preference.

Co-engineered with Konica Minolta, the loupes’ patent-pending technology provides edge-to-edge clarity and high-definition resolution. And with an ideal symmetry between style and performance, the lightweight magnesium bezel offers a lightweight feel and an aesthetically pleasing design.

For more information, visit orascoptic.com.

EVK350 Expanded-Field Loupes - SurgiTel
The EVK350 Expanded-Field Loupes are compact, lightweight and comfortable, and their generous depth of field and field of view allow clinicians to see the entire field while maintaining ergonomics.

For more information, visit surgitel.com.

iZoom HD Loupes - DentLight
iZoom HD Loupes offer 2.5x magnifications utilizing custom-made high-resolution optics. They provide a 4-inch field of view for customized working distance.

For more information, visit dentlight.com.

Micro Series Loupes - Designs for Vision
The Micro Series Loupes allow for an upgraded practice and expands the numbers of procedures a dentist can perform without the investment of capital equipment. They also allow a doctor to retain eye-hand control while working under higher magnification.

The Micro 3.5EF Scopes and Micro 4.5EF Scopes are designed and engineered to provide all the visual enhancement of prismatic expanded-field loupes but with only half the size and weight of traditional prismatic loupes. The Micro 3.5EF Scopes weigh as little as 56 grams and allow for greater visualization of small structures without sacrificing field of view. The Micro 4.5EF Scopes allow for even greater enhancement of detail while still wearing a comfortable pair of loupes.

For more information, visit designsforvision.com.

Patient Chairs

Infinity Dental Chair - Dansereau Dental
The Infinity Dental Chair, Dansereau Dental’s most popular dental chair, features a memory foam pillowtop cushion and is offered with a 10-year warranty.

For more information, visit dhpdental.com.

Patient Entertainment

Molar Media Mount Arm - Molar Media Mount
Introducing the Molar Media Mount, a unique arm that mounts directly to an existing dental light, distracting your patients by placing a tablet directly in their line of sight, regardless of the procedure. The tablet is easily removed, allowing the patient to choose a movie from apps such as Netflix. Then, snap it back on, let the patient settle in and relax while the dentist gets to work.

Made of lightweight, high-strength materials, the dentist-designed Molar Media Mount works with devices that weigh 16 ounces or lighter. 

For more information, visit molarmediamount.com.



Jumper and Amazone Saddle Stools - The Brewer Co.
Jumper and Amazone Saddle Stools, featuring new ultracushion saddles with exclusive 360-degree Dynamic Motion, are designed to enhance posture, strengthen back muscles, and relieve shoulder and neck tension.

For more information, visit brewercompany.com.

X-Ray Systems

EasyScan HD 3-in-1 Dental X-Ray Scanner -DentCorp
With EasyScan HD, users can scan dental X-ray film for viewing on a display screen, scan dental X-ray film directly to a computer to archive or email, and connect an intraoral camera or other analog video devices directly to a computer.

For more information, email dentcorp@cloud9.net.

Nomad Pro 2 - KaVo
The new KaVo Nomad Pro 2 represents a next generation of intraoral X-ray systems. It features state-of-the-art battery technology and an ergonomic handle design.

For more information, visit kavo.com.

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