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Anybody Still Using Film?
A doc opening a part-time practice is considering using film for X-rays. Townies discuss the pros and cons of this older technology.

#18 on a 13-Year-Old ... Do It Myself or Refer?
This Townie’s niece has a troubled second molar. Now, the doc is weighing the clinical complications and the stress of treating family. What should he do?

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Large Implant Case— Let’s Tx Plan It Together
A 31-year-old patient with significant dental history is ready to do something about this condition. Help this Townie plan what could be a complex implant case.

Online CE
Dr. Bruce Baird

Bone Graft Cements: A New Paradigm in Bone Augmentation
By Amos Yahav
Use of cement bone grafts in the orthopedic medical field has existed for years. However, in the dental field, the use of bone grafts cements is relatively unfamiliar. This course discusses the evolution of bone augmentation materials and explores opportunities of using cements-based bone grafting materials. Emphasized are the advantages, disadvantages and methods of use from scientific and clinical points of view.

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