Continuing Education Update by Dr. Howard Goldstein

The Real Access to Care
by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education

Townie Meeting was awesome! The CE lineup was top-notch (for an amazingly low price). Join us again next year for excellent speakers and lively parties. Somehow, in the midst of all that fun, we found time this past month to release outstanding online CE courses. Released recently on Dentaltown …

The Townie Meeting 2017 Series
The Townie Meeting 2017 series contains 13 courses from the meeting's excellent speakers such as Drs. Cory Glenn, David Hornbrook, Artie Volker, Bruce Baird, Anne Koch, Tarun Agarwal, Mark Murphy, Steve Rasner and Mac Lee. You can also enjoy courses from Vicki McManus, Fred Joyal, Paul Edwards and Joleen Jackson. Combined, these courses provide 25 hours of excellent education in both clinical dentistry and practice management.

All Townie Meeting 2017 attendees have access to these courses for free. Did you miss the meeting? Don't worry, it's only $295 to receive these 25 hours of CE credits—but be sure to sign up for Townie Meeting 2018!  

Real-World Direct Restorations
by Dr. Cory Glenn
This course explores techniques for achieving predictable results in direct restorative procedures. Whether it’s salvaging hopeless teeth or restoring a quadrant of back-to-back composites, this course aims to give insights into the tips, tools and sequencing of how to approach these challenging cases.

Pinhole Surgical Technique
by Dr. John Chao
This course discusses prevalence, etiology and Miller classification of gingival recession. This course covers the predictability and effectiveness of the pinhole surgical technique with Miller I, II and III recessions. Short videos illustrate a synopsis of the surgical protocol, and examples of long-term results are included.

Intro to CBCT Interpretation, Part 1: Oral Cavity, Nasal Fossa, Paranasal Sinuses
by Dr. Tony Mecham
This course focuses on CBCT interpretation and discusses important concepts and suggestions for interpretation. The most common findings in the oral cavity, nasal fossa and paranasal sinuses are all shown and explained, as well as anatomical variations.

Silver Is the New Black: Improving Your Practice with Silver Diamine Fluoride
by Dr. Jeanette MacLean
Silver diamine fluoride is a revolutionary approach to combating caries in an effective and noninvasive manner. Discover the history and science behind this powerful oral medicine that recently received the prestigious FDA "breakthrough therapy" designation, and learn how to successfully incorporate this caries management treatment into your clinical practice today, including restorative options.

Pediatric Dentistry: Anesthesia, Pulp Therapy and Stainless Steel Crowns
by Dr. Josh Wren
With the Affordable Care Act mandating dental coverage for those 19 and younger, more than 3 million pediatric patients will be added to 150,000 dental practices. Treating children may become a necessity for your dental office. Pulp therapy and stainless steel crowns are procedures often considered complex when performed on pediatric patients—this course will alleviate any fear of the unknown that leads to this misconception. Indirect pulp therapy, pulpotomy and pulpectomy are discussed, with emphasis on diagnosis and technique. Stainless steel crowns are also discussed, with procedural steps explained and shown. The course also discusses Wren's process for using nitrous oxide, appropriate topical anesthesia and local anesthesia to achieve painless injections.

Improving Case Acceptance
Dr. Mark Murphy
Helping patients want what we know they need drives the economic and reward engines of our practices. Help patients have better health, do more of the dentistry that fulfills and stimulates you, and be more successful in your practice. This course demonstrates how to improve the educational value of the examination experience and how to overcome the “insurance entitlement” behavior that patients often exhibit.

Occlusion: The 10 Essential Steps for Clinical Success
by Dr. Mike Racich
We are in exciting times for our profession with all the new materials and techniques that are available for the dental team to utilize. Nevertheless, the practice of dentistry has many fundamental principles and rules that need to be adhered to for clinical success. This evidence-based presentation will distill the 10 essential or basic rules for success with occlusal therapy. From patient evaluation and treatment planning to the process and payoff of providing care, all will immediately be able to apply presented concepts for optimization of their patients’ oral health.

Nuts and Bolts Occlusion: The Fundamentals of Recording & Mounting (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
by Dr. Michael Melkers
This three-part program packs nearly four hours of live patient demonstration with the recording and mounting skills that you need for your comprehensive care cases. From impressioning to final mounted, groomed and programmed cases, Melkers walks through three different systems of articulation and the best practices taught at the major institutes, Pankey, Dawson, Spear and Kois ... all in the comfort of your own office or home.

The Top 10 List for an Emergency Kit: Color Coding
by Dr. Daniel Pompa
This course describes the essential drugs needed for an emergency kit and how to use them according to color coding the medical emergencies. It also addresses how dentists can recognize the early signs and symptoms of potential crisis situations.

Improving Your Confidence and Competence in Office Oral Surgery: Atraumatic Surgical Extractions, Flaps and Splitting Teeth
by Dr. Jay Reznick
This presentation recorded at Townie Meeting will cover important oral surgery topics for the general dentist, including management of patients on anticoagulants, antibiotic prophylaxis, design and use of surgical flaps, handpieces and hand instruments; surgical extractions, splitting teeth, retrieving root tips, and atraumatic extraction techniques

Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics
by Dr. Lane Ochi
Successfully treating patients with fixed prosthodontics requires a mastery of materials and mechanical concepts, as well as a respect for tooth structure. We need to be aware of the interactions between preparation design, margin configuration, core buildups or posts, and the luting agent. After viewing this course, you'll be able to identify the causes of failures and prevent them from recurring.

Composite Full-Mouth Rehabilitations the "dkdocterry" Way
by Dr. Terry Shaw
For the past 25 years, Shaw has been doing composite bridges with excellent success. Bridges provide a great solution for post-ortho missing anterior teeth until the patient is old enough for an implant, seniors on a limited budget, or a fast solution for someone waiting for bone healing and remodeling before more definitive treatment. 

The Essentials of Endodontic Emergencies: Diagnosis, Safe Access and Infection Management
by Dr. Brett E. Gilbert
This course teaches the essential skills needed to confidently handle endodontic emergencies in a general practice setting. The material presented will help clinicians apply protocols and tips on how to efficiently diagnose, access and locate canals safely. Infection management and postoperative instructions and communication are discussed in detail.

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