Product Profile: Brasseler USA C-Series Carbides

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Brasseler USA’s C-Series carbides are designed to address the No. 1 issue clinicians face with carbides: breakage. The new C-Series single-piece carbide construction virtually eliminates carbide separation, saving chair time and ending headaches associated with broken carbides.
In addition to the solid carbide design, these new instruments feature improved blade geometry to provide a consistent, rapid cut that lives up to the quality standards of Peter Brasseler series carbides. Limited to head sizes smaller than 1.6mm, C-Series carbides offer some of the most popular operative carbide shapes, including 330, 557, 245 and rounds.

Virtually eliminates separation
With their unique and durable construction, C-Series instruments are stronger than traditional two-piece operative carbides, which experience a higher risk of head separation.

Saves time
Eliminate the time searching for broken carbide heads or retrieving broken shanks out of handpieces. C-Series carbides improve patient care and remove frustrations associated with broken carbides.

Premium, Brasseler quality
Manufactured with the highest quality raw materials and workmanship, C-Series carbides ensure optimum performance, consistency and premium quality.

For more information, visit, or call 800-841-4522.


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