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Can your patients schedule when it is convenient for them, or only when you are able to answer the phone? Are potential patients choosing other offices because you are not making it easy? Do you want to make scheduling easy for your patients, and fill up more of your chair time? LocalMed can help.

What is LocalMed?
LocalMed is the first online scheduling platform that allows patients to view accurate, real-time availabilities and book confirmed appointments, 24/7. In the same way you currently schedule, our system offers different time slots based on appointment types. You select which appointment types and chairs you want to make available; we take care of the rest.

How does it work?
By connecting with your existing practice management system, we can read, display and fill your availabilities in real time. This is not a request system. Once an appointment is booked online by a patient, it is automatically uploaded into your schedule.

Bring patient convenience to your practice
While online scheduling is standard for just about every other industry, dental scheduling was often considered too complicated. But we thought, “Why can we book a flight across the country, but patients still can’t schedule a routine exam or cleaning?” The answer is that dental scheduling is like a jigsaw puzzle. Scheduling involves a complex series of steps that differ for every practice, and in many cases different plans for different days within the same practice. We saw this missing piece in the dental industry and we have spent the past three years building LocalMed to handle these complexities.

Putting it into perspective
More than 40 percent of appointments scheduled on our platform are made when the office is closed. This means those patients likely had no way to schedule during regular hours and, without an after-hours alternative, would likely have found another provider instead. The loss of just one new patient a month could cost the average practice more than $10,000 a year in revenue.

Where do patients go to schedule?
The LocalMed “Schedule Online” widget brings real-time scheduling capabilities to multiple platforms. Adding our widget to your website and Facebook page makes it easy for patients to view your providers, compare availabilities, and book confirmed appointments. In addition, patients can schedule through and several dental insurance directories on partner sites. Our goal is to bring real-time scheduling everywhere patients search, day or night.

No hidden fees, no long-term contract
We don’t believe in locking our clients into long-term contracts, so we work to earn your business every month. We let our dentists try LocalMed free for the first month, and give them the option to cancel at any time. Our low monthly fee includes:
  • Widget functionality on multiple websites, including your own
  • Customizable provider profile on and partner sites
  • Staff training session
  • Personal support representative.
Bottom line: We make scheduling easy for patients and more efficient for practices
A successful dental practice is not just about being a good dentist—it is also about running a business. Making it easier for your clients to schedule their appointments will help make your business more accessible and help increase your bottom line. Visit, or call (225) 590-3054 today to learn more.


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