A Review of “Uncomplicate Business” by Elizabeth J. Fleming, DDS, Clinical Director, Dentaltown Magazine

Dr. Howard Farran's new book, "Uncomplicate Business: All It Takes Is People, Time, and Money," is full of insightful business information. It's also entertaining, which should be no surprise—if you're familiar with Howard, you know he's anything but boring.

This book can help entrepreneurs from every discipline or industry, from dentists to jewelers to restaurant owners. Howard breaks things down to a basic level for each of the categories that a business owner needs to manage: people, time, and money. He gives suggestions on defining goals, encouraging employees, managing time efficiently, and earning, saving and reinvesting—all while keeping an eye on the business numbers. He follows up by stating action points and presenting quotes from great people in business and life, making this a common-sense approach to starting, improving or achieving your own business empire.

One does not create a business empire alone. Howard credits his own success to having a good support system around him, which includes a hard-working family, one that taught him about taking chances in life, in addition to having loyal employees who could see his vision and perspicacity.

When we think of leaders in the dental industry, some names that come to mind are Pankey, Spear, Kois, Dawson and Christensen. These men are known for teaching and perfecting techniques utilized in the dental world. Howard is another industry leader for being a visionary in his field. He developed Dentaltown.com, an online forum for dentists, at a time when the Internet and chat rooms were in their infancies. Dentaltown has evolved into a multimedia community for the dental practitioner, with printed and digital magazines, continuing education opportunities, podcasts and a yearly Townie Meeting.

Howard has an MBA, so he knows the business world. Along with his media company there's also his dental practice and the combined support staff that help him run his enterprises.

He lectures around the world, is a published author (and hopefully a New York Times bestseller soon!) and an Ironman athlete. How does he accomplish so much? By utilizing his own advice in managing people, time and money.

Teaching and lecturing to dentists is another of Howard's passions. When he became successful, he began advising people on the business side of dentistry, which often had been left to consultants instead of "wet-fingered" dentists. Most management information can come across as being dry—albeit helpful—reading.

"Uncomplicate Business" will change your opinion on receiving business advice, now and in the future. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or a novice, this book should be on your must-read list—not only for the spot-on information, but also to give you a laugh or two in the process of learning about business basics.

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