You Should Know: Dental R.A.T. by Kyle Patton, Editorial Assistant, Dentaltown Magazine

by Kyle Patton, Editorial Assistant, Dentaltown Magazine

Dentaltown Magazine spoke with President and Founder of Dental R.A.T. Becky Logue to learn more about the tool that is revolutionizing the perio charting process for dental hygienists.

A man steps into an elevator and asks what your company does. With only 15 seconds to explain before the door opens, what do you tell him?
Logue: We make a foot-operated computer mouse for hygienists or dentists to perio chart and run a computer while their hands are in the patient's mouth. A big mouse—hence, the Dental R.A.T.

Tell us about the history of Dental R.A.T., the company's mission and what it provides.
Logue: I was a dental hygienist for about 25 years and needed help perio charting. There was a time when I had a great hygiene assistant but then the office tightened up and I no longer had one, but I still legally needed to perio chart without cross contaminating and touching my keyboard. We tried other options out there but couldn't find anything that worked well in our busy and loud practice. I needed some way to accurately get my perio chart into the computer without touching the keyboard or using a second person, so one day I watched my kids with a dance game they were stepping on and thought, If I had my numbers on the floor.

I had a patient who was an engineer that helped us get the first units made, and after filing for the patent I took my family's saved up pool money and began our journey. We later made our wireless version and currently are launching our newest one, Boomer, for the dentist's operatories. Boomer will also be available for the general public that has trouble running a hand mouse—there are 11 million people in U.S. who can't use their hands or arms but would like to run a computer. Our mission is to be a company that is innovative and forward thinking, dedicated to finding solutions for hands-free computer operation. A company of strong values and intentions, with commitment to excellent customer service and building quality products—our goal being a successful and profitable company while making a positive difference.

What's the guiding philosophy at Dental R.A.T.?
Logue: To help the offices stay legal with their perio documentation and help the patients keep away from cross contamination from the computer keyboard or mouse—the filthiest equipment in the dental office. And now with Boomer, to help anyone wanting to run their computer to stay up with the times even though they might have a disability.

What is the "best-kept secret" about the company?
Logue: The best-kept secret is that hygiene production increases when the office gets a Dental R.A.T. Many hygienists don't realize it repeats the numbers out loud for the patient—increasing hygiene production.

Think back to when Dental R.A.T. first began. Compared to the present day, what do you attribute to the success of the company?
Logue: The fact that everything has gone electronic and on the computer has helped our success as the Dental R.A.T. can run all the programs that can be run with a regular mouse—intra-oral cameras, digital X-rays, etc.

What sets Dental R.A.T. apart in the industry?
Logue: We are very customer-oriented; we want to help make the transition to electronic records easy, so we offer free support and no additional charges after the initial purchase. Plus we are the only perio charting device that can do more than accurately enter numbers.

What else would you like to add or tell us about Dental R.A.T.?
Logue: It's much simpler than people expect it to be. We are a plug-and-play unit that runs on any software. There is no software to purchase, we just run the office's existing perio chart.

How can a dental practice begin working with you?
Logue: Call us at 877-278-0061 and we can let the office try it to see how easy they are to hook up and use.
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