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Rob Schick is the ninth dentist in his family and followed in his father’s footsteps in more ways than one. As a boy, Rob would watch the aquariums his father had in his practice in the mid-1960s. Rob has continued the family tradition of dentistry and having fun raising fish as a hobby and passion. Check out this unique Townie as he flatters us by answering our offbeat questions.
After a horrible disaster at sea you wash ashore on a deserted island. You managed to grab one clinical instrument before your escape. What is it and how will it help you survive on the island? A Hollenback Carver. The Swiss Army knife of dental instruments.

Tell us about the worst job you ever had. Kentucky Fried Chicken washing dishes and clean up. I could not eat there for years afterward.

Tell us about your hobby. I’ve kept and raised fresh water tropical fish since 1978. Currently I have 11 aquariums ranging from 10 gallons to 125 gallons. My favorite fish to raise are African Cichlids. They come all the way from East Africa, the only place they’re found in nature, yet they still thrive in water pulled right out of my well here in Oklahoma. In November I moved a 75 gallon tank to the office. I should have done it sooner. The patients love it.

Describe your most awkward experience in dental school. Having to take my patient out of clinic, outside the building onto the lawn during a false fire alarm still in a rubber dam because we were in mid-procedure. That happened more than once!

What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate. It’s a food group... isn’t it?

What would we find in your refrigerator right now? A variety of leftovers and some fresh vegetables. We are trying to eat healthier.

Describe what you do as though you were explaining your job to a four year old. I am going to put your tooth to sleep with some medicine then I will use Mr. Whistle, Mr. Bumpy and we will chase cavity bugs out of your mouth and catch them with Mr. Slurpy!

What food or drink do you reach for when you feel like being bad to your teeth? I really do not eat a lot of sweets (chocolate does not count).

What’s your favorite spot on Earth? Any place I am with my wife, Margaret. If you need specific location though, the Rocky Mountain National Park. It is heaven on Earth.

What are you waiting for to come back into style? People being accountable to themselves and having a moral compass. You were probably looking for something like bell-bottoms or 8-tracks.

What’s the most creative way you’ve used a piece of dental equipment that wasn’t for its intended purpose? My dad modified a dental hatchet to back out a broken abutment screw in an implant. Like a tap and die set. I ought to patent it.

Manual or electric toothbrush? Electric.


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