Continuing Education Update by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education

by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education

Finally it is summertime (well in the Northern Hemisphere anyway!). I thought it would never come. Time to go to the beach and take some Dentaltown CE on your iPad or Android device.

There have been new additions to Dentaltown’s CE courses in the last couple of weeks:

Socket Bone Grafting Techniques using d-PTFE Membranes
by Anthony Reganato, DDS, MD

Dense PTFE is non-resorbable and chemically stable. In addition to its long history in the field of guided tissue regeneration, PTFE has been used for over 30 years in cardiovascular applications such as suture, vascular grafts and heart valves. PTFE is bioinert and does not cause inflammation. If manufactured with a small pore size (0.3 microns), bacteria are prevented from entering the structure of the barrier while still allowing diffusion of oxygen and small molecules across the membrane. Upon implantation, dense PTFE is immediately coated with plasma proteins, facilitating cellular adhesion to the smooth, biocompatible surface. This cellular adhesion is observed to form a hermetic seal, providing resistance to migration of bacteria and epithelial cells around and under the membrane when it is exposed in the mouth. Plasma protein adsorption also facilitates diffusion of soluble organic molecules across the membrane. Removal of dense PTFE is simplified due to the lack of tissue ingrowth into the surface structure. The primary advantage of high-density PTFE is the ability to remain exposed in the mouth while protecting the underlying defect and bone graft. The membrane is soft, flexible and easy to handle. Primary closure is not required and the membrane may be removed without additional surgery if exposed. If primary closure technique is used, the membrane may be easily removed through a small incision in a flapless technique.

In addition to these excellent courses, I want to remind everyone that we now have online John Nosti’s latest CE masterpiece: Anterior All Ceramics: From Case Selection to Cementation. Are you wanting to perform more cosmetic dentistry in your office but unsure which patients are great candidates, or what cement works best? Patients today are as cosmetically motivated as they have ever been. Join Dr. John Nosti as he discusses case selection, Smile Design principles, how to order your Wax-up Rx, preparation designs, temporization technique, cementation and all the records necessary from your first visit to delivery day. Dr. Nosti will then demonstrate and review a case from his office from start to finish. On video, you will be able to see the patient tell you her desired goals, review of her case, preparation, temporization and cementation of her final ceramics!

As always, we also have Dr. Howard Farran’s One-Day Dental MBA. Dr. Farran shares his proven techniques to increase your productivity, boost your bottom line and build your business. Don’t miss his live and unfiltered insights on dentistry and business along with an insider’s view of his dental practice.

And do yourself a favor and view Minimally Invasive Management of Missing Teeth by Dr. Louis Mackenzie. This course is a comprehensive overview of the minimally invasive management of missing teeth. It is composed almost entirely of clinical examples and case reports to provide practitioners with an evidence-based update in the following subject areas:
  • Discussion of the potential “biological cost” of replacing missing teeth
  • Case selection for the replacement of missing teeth
  • An overview of the management options for patients with missing teeth
  • A grisly description of the potential complications of traditional techniques for tooth replacement
  • An outline of the potential benefits of cantilever and fixed or movable bridge designs
  • A detailed description of contemporary metal-ceramic resin-bonded bridgework (including advantages and disadvantages)
  • Step-by-step practical guidance on optimization of all clinical stages in metal-ceramic resin-bonded bridge procedures
  • Practical guidance on the use of fiber-reinforced composite resin-bonded bridges using step-by-step clinical examples
  • Practical guidance on the use of resin-bonded bridges made entirely from ceramic

Enjoy learning from the comfort of your home!

Townie Meeting 2013 Lecture Series  
Townie Talks 2013 – Practice, People and Economic Management
by Dr. Howard Farran, Dr. Joe Steven, Garrett Gunderson, Fred Joyal, Dr. Mark Murphy and Dr. Mark Troilo

Townie Talks 2013 – Increasing Clinical Production, Quality and Fun
by Dr. Rich Rosenblatt, Dr. Tarun Agarwal, Trisha O’ Hehir, Dr. Lee Ann Brady and Dr. Michael DiTolla

Fascinating Facts About Saliva, Seven Strategies for Xerostomia Management and the Future of Saliva Testing
by Linda Douglas, RDH

Adhesives – Is it Time to Switch?
by Dr. Paul L. Child

Prosthetically Driven Implant Planning, Placement and Restoration with CEREC
by Dr. Darin O’Bryan

Root Canal Anatomy Dictates Treatment

by Dr. Scott Weed

The Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth: Begin with the End in Mind
by Dr. Glenn Doyon

Emerging Trends in Implant Surgery
by Dr. Brady Frank


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