Concentric Circles

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Concentric Circles

We live in concentric circles. The smallest circle is our practices where we go about our day-to-day business - treating and conversing with patients, and helping families stay healthy. These interactions affect and benefit our larger circles. As we branch out farther - to statewide associations and nationwide organizations - the reach and influence broadens. The largest circle - a worldwide span - encapsulates everything from our practices to associations to clinics set up in rural third-world villages.

Fortunately, there are ways to get involved and help in every circle, no matter the scale, which is why we present our annual Do Good edition of Dentaltown Magazine.

If you want to stay "home," to take on a pro-bono case in your practice read Dr. Michael Scoles' article "Taking on Pro-bono Cases" (on page 80). Want to branch out a little into your community? Check out what Dr. Michael Kincaid has done with a local Donated Dental Service program (page 88). Sometimes an already-established infrastructure is more convenient. If it is for you, get involved with a large nonprofit foundation, like Oral Health America (page 92) or NCOHF (page 83). Or, if you're feeling like you need to get out of your comfort zone and do something big, try a trip abroad. Get inspired by Dr. Shinn, our featured humanitarian (on page 76) or by Global Dental Relief (page 84). Plan your own trip, like Dr. Vincent of Aspen Dental (page 86) or make a trek with Climb for a Cause (page 93). There are so many ways to be influential and helpful to those in need no matter your reach or your interest. We encourage you to dive in, get involved, and then log on to and discuss your experiences with charitable dentistry .

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All the Things Money Can't Buy

Krista Houstoun writes about Dr. Sherwin Shinn, named ADA's Humanitarian of the Year who has spent more than 20 years providing dental care and prevention education throughout the world.
80 Taking on Pro-bono Cases
What are the pros and cons of taking on pro-bono cases in your office? Dr. Michael Scoles writes about the best parts along with the bruises of the process. Also, in a sidebar, several Townies weigh in on their probono experiences.
83 Doing Good and Doing Well
Jill Malmgren of The National Children's Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF) tells about the foundation's Dentist of Distinction program.
84 Global Dental Relief
First, Laurie Mathews talks about GDR's most recent trip to Kenya, then she tells all about future trips and what to do if you're interested in making the trek abroad.
86 Giving Thanks, One Smile at a Time
Dr. Chedly Schatzie Vincent recalls Aspen's trip to Haiti taken over the Thanksgiving holiday, and explains how you can be involved in future trips.
88 Big Help on a Local Level
Dr. Michael Kincaid writes about a handful of counties in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that have benefitted from Eastern Oklahoma Donated Dental Services.
90 Featured Charities
The "Reader's Digest" recap of all the charities featured in this issue, as well as a handful of others. This is a snapshot of what the organizations are about, as well as where to get more information.
92 Oral Health America
OHA's Beth Truett talks about prevention programs and how dental professionals can get involved with prevention in their communities.
93 You Should Know: Climb for a Cause
Climb for a Cause mixes business with pleasure. Danny Bobrow explains what the organization is all about.


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