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We are proud to recognize several nonprofit organizations within the pages of our annual Do Good issue. These charities cover various demographics - from children, elderly, impoverished, disabled and more, and not only seek financial support, but time and enthusiasm are equally appreciated. Here are a few to whet your appetite for getting involved, many of which are featured at length on other pages in this issue.

Donated Dental Services

Donated Dental Services (DDS) is a program for dental professionals to help disabled, elderly or medically compromised individuals who cannot afford care and receive no public aid. Visit NFDH.org to find your state's DDS program(s) and for a great example, check out the article on page 88 about Eastern Oklahoma's Donated Dental Services program.

Smile Power

International Smile Power, founded by Dr. Sherwin Shinn, delivers dental health care, supplies, education and training to underserved people on both a large and small scale. Smile Power seeks to empower children, particularly, to work together to create cross-cultural friendships. Visit www.smilepower.org.

Oral Health America

Oral Health America is a national organization started in 1955, headquartered in Chicago. The organization changes lives by connecting communities with resources access to care, education and advocacy. President and CEO of OHA, Beth Truett, writes about what it's all about on page 92. Or visit www.oralhealthamerica.org.

Climb for a Cause

Climb for a Cause combines the beauty of the mountains with the desire to make a positive difference in people's lives. It offers individuals and organizations a chance to demonstrate commitment to giving back, whether a novice or advanced hiker. On page 93, Danny Babrow talks about how to go on one of these trips. You can also visit www.climbforacause.org.

The Children's Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles

Since 1995 TCDC, a nonprofit organization, has been offering access to high quality oral health prevention, education and treatment services to dentally underserved children and their caregivers throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. By the end of this fiscal year, TCDC will have reached one million encounters by providing more than 122,000 treatment visits at The Smile Store, educating more than 598,000 children and their caregivers and screening in excess of 195,000 children (both on-site at The Shannon Kelly Toothfairy Cottage and off-site at the local schools, health fairs, community-based organizations, etc.). TCDC has partnerships with many dental schools and is supported by various dental companies' donations.

For World Wide Smiles

For World Wide Smiles, the nonprofit organization founded and headed by Dr. Sherwin Shinn, provides dental health care, ongoing disease prevention, education and supplies to underserved populations. It trains local people to take responsibility and helps communities become self-sustaining. It seeks to share values and virtues between cultures and develop bridges of understanding. Read more about this charity and the amazing man who started it on page 76 and online at www.forworldwidesmiles.org.

National Children's Oral Health Foundation

NCOHF, and its America's ToothFairy program, is dedicated to eliminating children's preventable suffering from pediatric dental disease. The charity provides programs and resources for community-based prevention, education and treatment. Read about how to become a Dentist of Distinction on page 83 and visit www.NCOHF.org.

Healthy Children Healthy Smiles

Healthy Children Healthy Smiles is the foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). It supports communitybased initiatives to access care and seeks to find dental homes for children nationwide.

Give Kids a Smile

The ADA's national Give Kids A Smile program provides oral health services to children in need and emphasizes the need for government agencies to allocate adequate funding for those services. Give Kids A Smile is a signature program of the ADA in which approximately 10,000 dentists and their teams volunteer to provide free oral health services to more than 400,000 underserved children across the nation all year long. For more information, visit www.ada.org/givekidsasmile.

Global Dental Relief

Global Dental Relief brings free dental care to impoverished children in Nepal, India, Vietnam, Guatemala and Kenya via treatment clinics and preventive care in schools, orphanages and remote villages. Read about a trip and how to get involved on page 84 and at www.globaldentalrelief.org.


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