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Sof-Lex Spiral Finishing and Polishing Wheels
3M ESPE introduces Sof-Lex Spiral Finishing and Polishing Wheels, a new way to put the final natural- looking gloss on restorations. The new wheels are designed with flexible spiral fingers that adapt to all anterior and posterior surfaces so there is no need to switch shapes during the procedure to fit various contours. The single-use wheels have a two step-system as dentists can use the finishing wheel to remove scratches and prepare the surface, while the polishing wheel completes the procedure, creating a smooth, high-gloss surface. For more information, visit

Tru-Align from Interactive Diagnostic Imaging helps dentists meet safe X-ray radiation standards and complies with the ALARA principle by using rectangular collimation, thus narrowing the radiation beam exposure, resulting in a significant reduction in radiation exposure. Tru-Align does not require additional installation tools. Simply slip the device over an existing cone that is 2.5 to three inches. Tru-Align improves diagnostic quality of the X-ray image by offering clearer and crisper information and offers increased protection for patients. To learn more, visit

Lana LED Clip-On Headlight
Vision USA introduces its universal mini Lana LED clip-on headlight with waterproof loupe 2.5 or 3.5x. The LED clip-on is extremely bright at 50,000 LUX and angle-adjustable. The lenses are coated to resist scratches and the loupe is waterproof to ensure easy cleaning and disinfecting. The headlight offers high-resolution optical clarity, depth of field, flip-up function adjustable nose bridge, pupil distance and fully adjustable viewing. For more information, visit

iServiceSoft announces the release of iDentalSoft, an innovative web-based practice management software system. iDentalSoft offers configuration flexibility over a private or public cloud at the lowest installation and operating cost, and can support more than one practice. Its Mobile Operatory Desk allows providers to offer patients more insight into their overall oral health and provides a closer relationship between dentist and patient. The software addresses security concerns with encrypted transport, role-based connection, location-based connection, device-based connection and encrypted patient data. For more information, visit

Pain-Free F
Parkell announces Pain-Free F, its new fluoridecontaining desensitizer. Pain-Free F is a quick and easy way to provide long-lasting comfort to patients suffering from tooth hypersensitivity with its fluoride component providing tubule occlusion. Add Pain-Free F to sensitive dentin to create a shield that blocks external stimuli and reduces sensitivity. For more information, visit


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