What’s New in Continuing Education? by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education

What's New in Continuing Education?

by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education
Townie Meeting was awesome! The CE lineup was as good as it gets at any meeting (and for an amazingly low price) so don't miss out on the earlybird specials for the 2014 Townie Meeting as we will have another top-notch lineup. (The social activities were nothing to sneeze at either!)

We also releaseed two outstanding CE courses this month. Just a reminder: all of our new courses can be viewed on your iPad, Android or other mobile device. The courses released this month are:

Interesting and Useful Pharmacology for Dental Professionals by Dr. Mark Donaldson

Providing dental care to anxious, fearful and medically complex patients continues to be a major challenge facing dentists. Despite advances in management techniques and treatment delivery, patients' pre-existing opinions and experiences contribute to dental anxiety, fear and avoidance. Feelings of apprehension create psychological obstacles that prevent dental patients from seeking and receiving care, and if they do, the dentist is then faced with treating their oral health needs in the face of multiple chronic diseases, medications, herbal supplements and more. This program reviews pharmacology with a particular focus on the dental realm and how we can make it useful chairside on Monday morning. The academic principles of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenomics are simplified so that the most salient points are distilled into useful tenants that will help you be a better clinician and a better prescriber. After all, our goal is to make sure all dental appointments are not just successful for patients, but also for you and your staff.

High Velocity (Quality!) Dentistry by Dr. Chris Griffin

A High Velocity dentist is one who strives to be faster and more efficient, but without added stress or chaos and without compromising quality. Every aspect of workflow choreography is discussed, from attracting new patients, answering the phone, treatment presentation, how to efficiently do a root canal, buildup, and crown and having the patient leave happy. This gives the patient the optimal experience while yielding amazing benefits by creating a dental practice that is able to increase daily production by performing procedures more efficiently.

This course will review all the possible ways that current practice systems can be improved or modified to give the patient a first-class experience and yield a decreased workload for the entire dental team. Challenges (both practice management and clinical) that are most commonly seen as dentists try to improve practice workflow choreography are discussed, as well as the best ways to form a plan to take action and improve practice life for all parties.

In addition to these excellent courses, I want to remind everyone that last year we released a collaboration with the famed Pankey Institute to present a series of CE courses on various subjects by esteemed members of its faculty. These courses can be viewed individually or by the whole series. The Pankey Series of Online CE on Dentaltown is quickly becoming one of our most popular series.

I just watched Howard Farran lecture at the Townie Meeting and even though I've heard him speak many times, I still learn so much from him. In Dr. Howard Farran's One Day Dental MBA (available for purchase at Dentaltown.com), he shares his proven techniques to increase productivity, boost bottom line and build business. Don't miss his live and unfiltered insights on dentistry and business along with an insider's view of his dental practice.

And for the most comprehensive marketing information, you need to take the Dental Marketing Summit Series by Howie Horrocks and Mark Dilatush. This series is designed to assist any dentist with the total understanding necessary to promote dentistry properly, effectively and efficiently. Participants will receive personalized marketing plans and Unlimited New Patients - Volume 3 as part of their course material.

Enjoy learning from the comfort of your home!


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