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So far in 2013, Dentaltown has revamped its website for an improved navigational experience, added private and public groups and created a Dentaltown blog section! If you are already a blogger, considering blogging or you just want to read other Townie blog posts, here are a few things you should know about blogs on

When creating a Dentaltown blog you can set up your blog title and upload an image to go with your blog – perhaps a photo of yourself, a reflection of your personality, or picture that relates to your blog title or theme. Your message board name and avatar will appear as the author of your blog.

When creating a blog post, you can save it as a draft for future edits, set a publication date for the post to go live later, upload featured images and add category tags.

You can view blog posts by looking through the Most Recent Blog Posts or Most Popular Blog Posts category links, by month with the archive view, by blog category, or by using the search feature to type in key words or the author's name.

What better way to share your thoughts and ideas with colleagues and other dental professionals than to start a blog on Now go on, check out our new blog section and, start your very own! Our website is ever-evolving to meet your needs and requests. Send me an e-mail to let us know what you think about our new features or make a new feature request.

Meet you on the message boards!

Ashley Harris
Online Community Manager

If you have questions, call me at 480-445-9718 or e-mail me at:

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Can or Should These Teeth Be Saved? Certainly!
After all, we are in the business of saving teeth.

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"Dopy" might be a strong word, but what would you tell your patient?

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Times are tight everywhere. What does this mean for our profession?


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Online CE
Triaging the Facial Pain Patient: The Non-Odontogenic Toothache
- Steven D. Bender, DDS, PA

Pain is the most common reason a patient presents to a dentist for care, but diagnosing the disease processes is one of the most difficult and undervalued procedures clinicians will perform. This course will provide the clinician with an overview of pain definitions, classifications and presentations commonly seen in the orofacial region. At the conclusion of this course, clinicians should feel comfortable with the diagnostic process necessary to screen, treat or refer this group of patients.


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