SEO & Copywriting Tips for Dentist Websites
SEO & Copywriting Tips for Dentist Websites
This blog is dedicated to helping dental professionals improve SEO, copywriting, and other elements of their website. You can rank on Google and convert more dental patients via online efforts without spending a fortune.

How to Create Landing Page Keywords for Dental Websites in 3 Simple Steps

How to Create Landing Page Keywords for Dental Websites in 3 Simple Steps

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Wondering how to create landing page keywords for your dental website? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve learned firsthand what types of landing page keywords produce the best results after building out websites for my dental practices. 

According to, studies have shown businesses with 10-15 landing pages increase conversions on average by around 55% when compared to businesses with 10 or fewer landing pages. Furthermore, businesses with 40+ landing pages can increase conversions upwards of 500%.

In order for a landing page to be as effective as possible, it should rank on search engines and target the right people. To accomplish this, you’ll need to come up with the best possible keywords for each landing page. Keep in mind, it’s important to create unique keywords for each landing page. Otherwise, your pages end up competing against one another and that’s not good for your overall SEO score.

What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are the main pages of your website designed to capture visitors and turn them into leads. They are accessible from the home page through navigation tabs and drop-down menus. These pages help describe who you are, what you offer, and why you’re the best at what you do, all while targeting specific keywords.  

While landing pages can be accessed from the homepage, they are often found through search engines where people visit them directly, bypassing the homepage altogether. Yet another reason why landing pages are so important.  

How to Come Up with Landing Page Keywords in 3 Simple Steps

To get as many people as possible clicking on your landing pages, it’s important to come up with the right keywords. It’s easier than you might think if you apply these 3 simple steps.

1. Use a keyword planner to hone in on the best keyword options

There are a variety of keyword planners out there, some charge a monthly subscription fee, and others are free. The Google Keyword Tool does not offer as many features as paid options but it’s a great place to start, plus it’s free. You can plug in any phrase or word to see how many people search it each month and how high the competition is for that keyword.

To access Google’s Keyword Tool, log into Google Ads, click ‘Tools’ in the upper right corner, and then click ‘Keyword Planner.’

How to Create Landing Page Keywords for Dental Websites in 3 Simple Steps

From here, you can start searching for one or multiple keywords at once. Use your favorite keyword planning tool as you follow the remaining tips on the list.  

2Focus on the services you offer to create service-based landing pages

The majority of dental website landing pages can focus on specific services offered through your practice. This makes it easier for current and potential patients to see and learn about all the services you offer. Plus, it’s great for SEO. Make note of each service you offer and then plug it into the Google Keyword Tool (or any other keyword planner) to uncover which keywords to use to describe the service, title the page, etc. 

In the image below, you’ll see service-based landing pages link directly from the homepage.

How to Create Landing Page Keywords for Dental Websites in 3 Simple Steps

3. Add localized keywords to service pages

As of 2010, there were over 19,000 licensed dentists in Canada, so it only makes sense that there’s a lot of competition for service-related keywords like: Teeth Cleaning or Dental Fillings. You can help break through the whirlwind of available copy by adding localized keywords to your landing pages.

For instance, let’s say you offer Invisalign as one of your services. Clearly, this needs to be one of your landing pages because it represents a service you offer that people search for every day. Take a look at the keyword results below for ‘Invisalign’ and you’ll notice up to 1 million people search it each month. 

How to Create Landing Page Keywords for Dental Websites in 3 Simple Steps

You still want to target the keyword ‘Invisalign,’ but if that’s the only keyword you target on a landing page your chances of ranking are much slimmer than if you add other keywords to the mix, specifically localized keywords.

The keyword results below show the average monthly searches for ‘Toronto Invisalign,’ which are much lower—between 10 and 100 hits. 

How to Create Landing Page Keywords for Dental Websites in 3 Simple Steps

Even though the competition is  high, and the search volume is considerably lower, you have a better chance of ranking if you include this local keyword on your landing page alongside ‘Invisalign.’ Just because you target ‘Toronto Invisalign’ doesn’t mean you can’t also target ‘Invisalign’ and other related keywords on that same page.

If you service multiple areas, you may want to consider adding unique pages for each location. Secondary location pages may not be landing pages but instead sub-landing pages. That means they don’t necessarily link directly from the homepage, but instead link from related landing pages. For instance, the landing page “Invisalign Toronto” could include a link to a sub-landing page for “Invisalign Midtown Toronto.” 

Don’t Forget About People in Your Quest to Please Search Engines

Of course, you want to make sure your landing pages are written for people too—that’s where well-written unique content with call-to-actions, intriguing graphics, and videos come into play. Rest assured, an upcoming blog about how to optimize landing pages for higher conversion rates is already in the works; check back soon!


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