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Top 5 OSHA Requirements Inspectors Look for in the Dental Office...

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Do you consider your dental practice to be OSHA inspection ready? If so, congrats! But if you have some doubts, here are some tips that may help you out:

1.   Is your OSHA Manual up to date?

An OSHA Manual is a required document to have up-to-date and customized specifically to your dental office location. If your OSHA Manual is Global Harmonization System (GHS) Compliant, you are golden! If not, it’s time to get an updated manual --compliant to International OSHA Chemical Safety Standards ( AKA: Global Harmonization System (GHS) Standards.

2.   Have you fulfilled this year’s Annual OSHA Employee Training Requirements?

You are not alone regarding this requirement!  All USA businesses have to abide by this one.  And keep in mind that all employees need to attend a Federal Annual OSHA Employee Session.  A “Proof-of-Training Certificate” must also be retained on file proving that all employees have attended this session.    Make sure that “new hires” also complete a comparable OSHA Training Session within 30 days of hire. And have their signature on-file to prove this

3.   Is all of your OSHA Required Paperwork completed and organized?

This includes:  Proof-of-Annual-OSHA Training, GHS Proof-of-Training, Employee Occupational Exposures Document (categorized, rated and in written form), Hepatitis B Proof-of-Vaccination Records and Updated Employee Medical Histories on file. (5-documents in total for each employee)

4.   Have you fulfilled your Employee Global Harmonization System (GHS) Certification Requirement?

The deadline to complete this training in USA dental offices was on December 1st, 2013. Your training needs to focus on the International changes regarding chemical safety within the workplace. There is now a worldwide standardized system to follow. The USA’s MSDS sheets have now been changed to International SDS sheets (which are easier to read in an emergency setting).  And USA “Haz-Com” Labels have changed from Hazardous Rating System (colored, lettered, numbered) to Pictogram Symbols which all of your employees should learn and memorize as part of your OSHA/GHS training program.

5.   Is your facility set up to be comprehensively OSHA compliant?

There are so many areas inspectors will check in your dental office.  They range from:  Proper handling of soiled waste and sharps; to sterilization logs & receipts.  Currently there are 100+ areas within the average dental office that an OSHA Officer can scrutinize.  This starts to become a daunting task when you consider that in 2016 the average OSHA fines want $1700 per infraction!  Following a checklist for your facility protocols is best.  Some State Dental Associations provide checklists for free but getting “the correct answers” to all of these protocols seems to comes with fees.  Why?  This business of OSHA is complicated!  And growing more so with the changes in: technology, infection control and cumbersome laws. 

Admittedly, trying to do this your self can be daunting.  So do a little research and try to align yourself with an OSHA Compliance expert that will offer up-to-date, reliable guidance as you set up your protocols.  Protocol Checklists---complete with “correct answers” and “unlimited guided help” will set you on the road to success.  And having unlimited access to an OSHA Expert will help you to get these protocols set in place without spending a fortune.  How do you find one:  Check with: www.OSAP.orgThe Dental Advisor or ask Townies. Compliance is a requirement, not voluntary. Make sure your program is comprehensive.  Being proactive on this topic is sure to save you the severe headache of having to update your program retroactively when the OSHA Inspector has shown up and tipped your office upside down! If you are confident and comfortable with your current OSHA Program, that’s terrific. If you are feeling a little less confident on this subject, do some research:  Investigate quality OSHA Coaches that will get and keep your team OSHA optimized.  Knowledge is power.  Preparedness brings Peace-of-Mind.  Take the time.  Just do it!

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