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Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Dental SEO Marketing Company

7/17/2017 1:39:18 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 124

As a dentist, you’ve spent a lot of time and effort growing your practice and building trust in the community. When selecting a dental marketing SEO company to represent your practice, you must carefully weigh your options.


Whenever I talk with potential dental clients, I stress the importance of establishing a partnership and building trust. You should work with an agency whose philosophy, culture, and goals align with your own. Will your agency provide you with a positive return on investment? Will they have your best interests in mind?


How do you evaluate these traits and determine whether or not an agency is a good fit with your dental practice? Every dentist should review these 3 important questions when selecting a dental internet marketing company.


    “Can you explain dental SEO and the online dental marketing strategy you have in mind for my practice?”


Begin your conversation by asking the agency to describe their approach to dental marketing SEO for dental practices. How would they approach the strategy for your practice?


A dental SEO marketing company can’t create a worthwhile strategy without thorough research into your practice. The internet marketing strategy your practice receives should be 100% unique or else the results won’t match your expectations.


Pro Tip: A reliable SEO and digital marketing agency should be able to answer your questions clearly and without marketing buzzwords or technical jargon.


    “Who owns the work you do and how much control will I have?”


Any reputable online dental marketing agency will do work for you-- work you then own. 


Working with an agency should be a partnership. Your thoughts, feedback, and input should always be welcomed.


When talking with the online dental marketing agency, discuss the approval process they use. Will they listen to your feedback? 


The agency should have access to, but not complete control of your digital accounts, including:


    Your website’s domain name


    Your website’s hosting


    All web properties and social media accounts


Pro Tip: Any agency that wants to maintain control over your valuable online assets is one who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.


    “How long will it take to see results? Do you guarantee rankings?”


There are no immediate, guaranteed results or rankings when it comes to dental website SEO and online dental marketing. An agency can develop and implement a strategy designed to deliver results, but it won’t happen overnight. Nor is a #1 Google ranking guaranteed.


If an agency promises results or specific rankings, beware. At best, they’re making promises they can’t keep. At worst they’re using underhanded techniques which may cause Google to penalize your site.


Pro Tip: Avoid any agency promising immediate results or guaranteeing top rankings in Google.


Want more insight into selecting the best dental marketing SEO agency for your practice? Find 6 more important questions to ask when evaluating a dental internet marketing company on the Delmain bog.

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