The Dental Jungle
The Dental Jungle
The $10,000 A Day Dentist was a lecture I gave to my 2016 5M Mastermind. By April, each of the 9 members had had their best months in their careers and many $10T days. Trek through The Dental Jungle with us to see why and how that happened.

The Dental Jungle – Readiness

The Dental Jungle – Readiness

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By Dr. Bill Williams

In the dental jungle there are 101 stories; this is the sixth in a series of these stories. The previous five presented new ideas that quickly make a difference in your production capability. This next group of five stories we share will explore the question, “How well am I prepared to grow my practice.”

We return to Dr. Alex Middleton, The Guide, as he again gives sage advice to his dentist friend, Dr. Edward Boyle.*


Dr. Edward Boyle commented, “What stresses me out is my team more than my patients. How do I overcome being in a highly stressful state all the time?” It did not take Alex but a moment to recognize that Edward was often the tail of the dog, getting wagged by the team. He was at the mercy of what they did or did not do. The prescription for success was to open the dental “Swiss Army knife” and tighten some screws that had become loosened.

Alex discussed his outlook and his expectations of his own practice. “My primary mindset when I go into work every morning is to maximize my available time and to eliminate the wasted moments. I want to be productive from the start of my day until the end. I want to get it done the best, most efficient way I can!

“One way to achieve maximum efficiency and to keep the flow smooth is for everyone on my team to be 100% ready for the procedure I am to perform. Rooms, tray setups, equipment, computers, and even the patients have to be 100% ready for me to begin my work.”

“That’s right, even the patients need to be 100% ready to go. Finances must be handled, insurance questions handled, agreement on which teeth or procedure we plan to do that day before the doctor enters the room. I like it when the papers (informed consents, financial agreements, and post-operative instructions) are signed, the anesthetic syringe is already loaded and my patient is reclined back in the chair ready to go.”

“One of the tenants in our practice, almost a Holy Grail, is that everything should be done by the team to remove all obstacles that interfere with the doctor doing his/her main duty, which is to love and heal patients. Being 100% ready to go is a mindset that enables this to happen multiple times every day.”

With this frame of mind, Alex averages seeing 20 to 30 patients in a typical busy day when you include checking his hygiene patients. How would you like to have 20 perfect beginnings a day? How would you feel if you had 20 slightly off target starts? Wouldn’t that feel like a disruption of your perfectly engineered day?

Our Mastermind groups explore creative methods of preparation throughout the practice. The team that prepares and is 100% ready is the team Alex wants. How about you? 

*Excerpt from The $10,000 A Day Dentist 

Author: Dr Bill Williams   Director of the 5M Mastermind
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