T-Bone Speaks S1E10 - How to Use Marketing Automation in Your Dental Practice

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In today's episode of T-Bone Speaks, we are joined by Dr. Shawn Van de Vyver of GLDentistry.com. He is the man behind Great Lakes Dentistry and we've had a great chat on some very interesting topics that you'll definitely find not only interesting but more importantly, useful in your practice. Some of you may probably have an idea when you hear the buzzword marketing automation, but if not, then this discussion is something you'll have to listen completely.  In addition, we've also delved into sleep dentistry and why you should include this in your practice. So be sure to stick around and listen to this episode.

Key Takeaways You'll Learn From this Episode:

  • How marketing automation can benefit your patients and you practice
  • How to use automation to subliminally sell to your existing pool of patients
  • If you're not into marketing and you haven't done marketing education, you're not going to know where is most of the money in your practice. It's in the maybes.
  • Why I think 90% of the people are wasting money in external marketing
  • Very few people come to your practice excited about getting a filling or a crown
  • Marketing is communication
  • Why Facebook video, Facebook live are the next big thing in marketing
  • Which areas you can implement automation in your practice
  • Why personalization is a must in marketing
  • The people listening are the people we need to touch the most because, a) they're clearly interested and b) they’re clearly looking for something.
  • Incremental leads to monumental
  • Why the taste of possibility can be the greatest motivator
  • How to significantly increase your Facebook and Google reviews

Listen to the Full Interview:

T-Bone Speaks S1Ep10 - Marketing Automation

Four things to consider before adding a new procedure to your practice

  1. Is it going to be beneficial to the patient, first and foremost? Does it help the patient?
  2. Does it make me professionally satisfied?
  3. Does it make financial sense? And then number 4) does it help me achieve the number one goal of reducing
  4. Does it help me achieve the number one goal of reducing time?

How to Create Awareness on Sleep Apnea

  1. You can ask them personally ask them or the easier way is, I call it passive- aggressive asking them and putting them on a sheet of paper and let them check the boxes
  2. You can use Cone Beam to 3D imaging to show them what their airway looks like
  3. Another way to do it is, just simply have the patients open their mouth, stick their tongue out and snap a picture

Full Episode Transcript:


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