3 Keys to Discovering Why Becoming a Dentrepreneur® Matters

3 Keys to Discovering Why Becoming a Dentrepreneur® Matters

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What isn’t as important as you think. Wait before you respond.

The first sentence isn’t a question. It’s a statement.

In the context of becoming a dentrepreneur® - the “what” isn’t as important as the “why.” 

Goal creation is easy by comparison. If I asked you to take out a blank sheet of paper and list 10 goals you desire to accomplish you’d probably be done in a matter of minutes. 

But listing the “why” associated with each “what” (goal) - that’s a more revealing, challenging, consuming, and beneficial task. 

The “why” of dentrepreneurship 

When your “why” becomes compelling beyond belief, you are making GREAT strides to advance as a dentrepreneur® faster than if you focus on the “what.” Again, the “what” is easy because it deals in non-absolutes and occasionally non-measurables. 

You could say, “Well, aren’t the best goals, measurable goals?” Yes, you’re right but there’s more to having and achieving measurable goals than writing stuff down.

“Why” thinking pares your intentions down to a workable, actionable plan. Without a compelling and clear “why” you and your goals will flounder. TWEET THIS


Allow me to help you arrive at a compelling “why” as you re-orient your dental enterprise around being a dentrepreneur®.

How to Get to “Why” as a Dentrepreneur® Instead of Floundering in the “What” 

1-Realize there is no “map” 

This is not to imply that your path to dentrepreneurship is a random process. Actually, it’s the difference between having an idea and being intentional.

Ideas are only as good as the actions you apply to them. On the other hand, intention is a kind of internal compass that guides in you the direction you’re compelled to go.

Your ideas (even the good ones) will often stall. This especially true if you face an obstacle or challenge on your journey as a dentrepreneur®. 

Instead, set your intention like a rugged pioneer. Do this and nothing will stop you from reaching your new “territory.”

There will be hardships. Yet, you’re in good, supportive company if you align your intentions with other pioneers who have set aside the map to follow a calling instead of a career. 

2-Be relevant and willing to break the “rules”

Dentrepreneurs march to a different beat. You will discover your “why” more easily if you allow yourself to go off-road.

Again, pioneers chart paths. It would have been rare for the early settlers migrating west to have waited until a well-worn trail appeared before they embarked.

The “rules” will beg you to wait, delay, study, research, recalculate, reinvest, remodel, etc. Dentrepreneurship, if you’re up for the challenge, is about deciding to go before you know the outcomes.

Gauge your seriousness about being a dentrepreneur® alongside your willingness to step away from the crowd. If that thought awakens something in you, your “why” is beginning to take shape.

Reality is – the dental landscape is evolving. Now more than ever is the time for you to be a relevant “game-changer.” TWEET THIS

As a dentrepreneur®, you will not merely respond or react to the evolution. You will be a catalyst in it!

3-Think “tribal”

It’s common (speaking of “rules”) to do dentistry in isolation. Aside from the annual continuums, conventions, or local study clubs you can find contentment as a solo-practitioner.

Dentrepreneurship is “tribal.” You join a tribe of like-minded individuals the moment you step away from the masses. TWEET THIS

Next, you have the opportunity to link up with a coaching community. This relationship is essential to your success.

And ultimately, your decision to build your own “tribe” as a dental enterprise necessitates the support of a collaborative team. This strategic partnership helps align your “why” with vital benchmarks and the dozens of questions that arise on the open road of dentrepreneurship. 

“What” you choose is important to your success as a dentrepreneur®. “Why” you choose it is what compels you to do whatever it takes to get there.

Clarify your “why!” Contact us for more information or to join a like-minded “tribe” via our coaching community.

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