The A.C.T. of Coaching for Your Success as a Dentrepreneur®

The A.C.T. of Coaching for Your Success as a Dentrepreneur®

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Birds in flight are fascinating to watch. Their natural ability to glide on the lift beneath their wings provides a valuable principle for your dentrepreneurial journey.

We’ve been exploring the benefit of coaching to you as a dentrepreneur®. Having a coach who will take you-under-their wing gives you needed “lift.”

Under-wing success

The coach/consultant relationship can be misunderstood. The role of a coach and consultant isn’t to do the work for you.

Your coach’s role is to provide necessary “lift” for so you can fly at a higher…more productive (and profitable) altitude.

A good example is geese flying in the tale-tell “V” formation as they consistently exert in-flight energy. Each flaps their wings instinctively even though one maintains the role of leader.

Their in-flight formation is the difference. The flying “V” enables the lead goose to create draft or lift so the flock behind doesn’t become fatigued. 

Think of coaching as the formation you need to fly farther. Longevity requires that you not go the journey alone.

The A.C.T. of Under-Wing Coaching for Your Long-Term Success as a Dentrepreneur®


Like coaching or consulting, accountability is often misunderstood. Being accountable isn’t about being disciplined for under-performance.

Think of accountability as having consistent benchmarks or goals to “soar” towards. The act of accountability is to grow and become ultimately more fulfilled at what you’re doing. 

Where there’s no accountability there’s low or no growth. You grow to the extent that you invite accountability into your life and your dental enterprise.

Among the highest values of coaching to you as a dentrepreneur® is having regular accountability. TWEET THIS


Everyone, you included, needs consistent collaboration. At its best the role of a coach-consultant is to collaborate with you about every facet of your growing dental enterprise.

Consultants provide a clear voice of reason for your processes. The coach-as-consultant probes beneath the surface of your daily operations and production gaps.

Exposing areas of strength and weakness gives you the necessary “lift” to overcome entropy. Stagnant process and procedures do not expose themselves on their own.

Someone must turn-the-light-on, so to speak. The coach-as-consultant can do this, often more freely than you can as a solo-practitioner.

Again, it’s about altitude. Your coach-consultant can fly a bit higher and deliver perspective you do not have as result of eyes-on daily operational or ongoing leadership tasks.

T-hought Leadership 

Information is a premium. Those who possess it and share it stand to gain more than those who choose to function without it. 

Your coach arrives with a degree of pre-loaded knowledge and perspective. Expect your leadership to expand based on their knowledge-base. 

You increase your dentrepreneurial capacity when you allow a coach to invest their knowledgeable perspective in you and your processes. TWEET THIS Thought-leadership enlarges your field of vision.

Coaches are intentionally tapped into sources of knowledge and best-practices. Their ability to unpack valuable data and transfer it into actionable information you can use is a dentrepreneurial essential.

Add some “lift” to your dentrepreneurship now! Our coaching community is ready to take you under-wing.

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