3 Core Decisions That Could Secure Your Future as a Dental Entrepreneur

3 Core Decisions That Could Secure Your Future as a Dental Entrepreneur

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In his book, Linchpin, Seth Godin shares a story of a man traveling first-class by train through Spain. He happens to be seated next to the famous artist, Pablo Picasso.

Random encounters often deliver needed perspective. And a shift in perspective can transform your day to day reality as a dental professional. 

The traveler gathers his courage to ask the master, Picasso, a question. “Senor Picasso, you are a great artist, but why is all your art, all modern art, so screwed up? Why don’t you paint reality instead of these distortions?”

Picasso hesitates then asks, “So what do think reality looks like?” The man removes a picture of his wife from his wallet saying, “Here, like this. It’s my wife.” 

Picasso holds the photo, looks at it, and grins. “Really? She’s very small. And flat, too.”

Your new reality 

What you define as reality has much to do with your perspective. Is practicing dentistry everything you thought it would be and more?

There are two ways to answer that question?

Your reality could be positive. “Yes, I wake up daily energized to treat patients, lead my team, and bask in the glow of production goals being met and exceeded daily. Indeed, my dental practice is everything I thought it would be.”


“Yes, I’m energized to treat patients, lead my team, and bask in the glow of meeting and exceeding production goals. But my dental practice is indeed everything I thought it would be because the norm seems to be about hard work, long days, sleepless nights, and weekends spent worrying about whether or not we will make payroll.”

Conversations with colleagues at the latest continuum and forecasts from industry insiders would paint reality more like the latter than the former.

The owned or the owner 

Whatever business you’re in, you’re either “owned” or the “owner.” If you have any amount of entrepreneurial spark in you, ownership is your choice.

Ownership is a decision. And it’s one you can make if you give yourself the freedom to do so.

The dental landscape has shifted and there’s still time to secure your portion of the territory. Reality is the opportunity won’t be around forever.

Core Decisions You Can Make Now That Could Secure Your Future as a Dental Entrepreneur

1-Give yourself permission to innovate.

Innovation isn’t about being trendy. It has more to do with your mindset.

Thinking-outside-the-box is too cliché’. Rather, begin to push yourself to the edges of those thoughts you have about growing your practice beyond a single location.

2-Open yourself to collaboration.

You’re not alone. Dental entrepreneurs (and support networks) are on the increase.

Like-minded leaders migrate to collaborative environments. Openness to change increases when you allow yourself to be stretched by the experiences of others a few steps in front of you.

3-Evaluate the scalability of your practice culture, processes, operations, and growth.

You’re doing some things well. Keep what’s scalable with an uncompromising commitment to improve it.

Be ever-ready to leave ineffective and non-scalable processes behind. Remember the entrepreneurial mindset is quick to adapt to change.

Accepting reality is the beginning of change. Learn more about dental group practice solutions and the innovative options available to you.

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