TOP 5 Reasons Why Dentrepreneurs Need Intrapreneurs Now More Than Ever

TOP 5 Reasons Why Dentrepreneurs Need Intrapreneurs Now More Than Ever

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My father always said, “ Meaningful change begins within & Never give up!” Two phrases that give meaning to being significant in the world.If you are learning, growing and serving, change is constant, embrace it! As disruptive innovation changes are continuing in dentistry, through a rapid consolidation trend, it is vital to assess the innovative thinkers. They can bring their own initiatives, creativity and valuable assets to the Group or Multi Practice Model operated by the Dentrepreneur, during this rapid change trend. With more Multi-Disciplinary Group Practice and Multi Practice Partnerships emerging, for the sake of retaining control of a variation of the traditional dental practice it is more vital than ever to harness the fear, and focus on an innovative key personnel position in any of these models, the“Intrapreneur.”

David Armano is Edelman’s global strategy director: Key Accounts, recently publish an article in Fast Company explains this innovative approach to a new model in the corporate world, and applicable to Dentistry’s new trend.

He states: If there’s one thing that we can depend on, it’s that change is a constant. We’re currently living in a golden age of disruption where now publically traded companies like Twitter are siphoning people’s time, attention and media habits and well-funded startups such as Uber are reinventing traditional models. We can tap the collective of like-minded individuals to support our initiatives and harvest the fruits of creators and co-creators who openly give us the instruction manuals to create the things we want and need. But it’s not just the upstarts – look at IBM, a company over 100 years old that has re-invented itself more than once and is now placing big bets on big data. Change doesn’t discriminate.

There are now more “Davids” out there than ever before – Goliath needs to watch his back. But what some Davids and Goliaths have in common is a need to tap, operationalize, mobilize or import a certain kind of member of their organization who can be a valuable asset during times of rapid change. These individuals are “intrapreneurs” or simply put, individuals who possess entrepreneurial traits but work best within the structure of an organization versus being out on their own. These individuals are naturally drawn to change – proactively seeking it out and often looking for ways to bring change about within their own organizations.

These innovative Intrapreneurs are valuable contributions to a Multi-Disciplinary Group Practice and a Multi Practice Model. A creative design thinkers like an Intrapreneur will be the x-factor for greater success for Dentists who desire to retain control of dentistry by participating in one or two of these two models to avoid the outcome that healthcare overall has had to endure. With change being a constant, focusing and harnessing the Intrapreneurs in your organizational model may be one of the most important things you’ll do this year.

In an example, BGW Dental Group (disclaimer, RHO Global Inc.’s client) has begun creating a formal program:

FIVE Intrapreneurial insights and to start you on your journey

  1.  Align with the ‘Dentrepreneur objectives: business and clinical model
  2. The Power of Partnership
  3. Action-To-Be-Taken vs. Words
  4. Beware of the Blockers – and the Diluters
  5. Keep the inspiration alive at all cost

This program is designed to “Inspire a community wave of Intrapreneurs.” The large Multi-Disciplinary Group Practice, which has taken significant steps to acknowledge and acting upon their practice movement such as increased awareness and concern of sustainability that is designed to “Inspire a global wave of Intrapreneurs.” The company, which has taken significant steps in acknowledging and acting upon consumer movements such as an increased awareness and concern of sustainability, is no stranger to change as the consumer product goods industry becomes increasingly more competitive and consumer habits and tastes evolve constantly.

Over my course of serving the dental industry as a practice development strategist, I have developed individuals to wear the title of an Intrapreneur. Intrapreneurship has existed for some time but rarely across in dental industry as a sustainable contribution due to the limitation of the operations of a private practice and the consolidation of those practices to a corporate dental model across the country.

For the Dentrepreneur who find themselves on the front lines of change, of the model they are aspiring to work in or create for others to join them in practicing dentistry, it is vital to ensure that they create a business Model that incorporates a Care Driven® Model for excellence in patient care delivery. These collaborative designs must give a place and purpose for individuals who embrace it but know how to navigate your model.

  1. Engage them in change creativities;
  2. Connect them with other synergic minded mentors
  3. Ensure they channel their innovative and creative passion in a vertical thinking frame of mind for the benefit of your practice model to establish the opportunity to create a sustainable model to scale the operations.
  4. Challenge them to come up with the ideas that will drive the future of your business and partner them with complementary colleagues who can help them deliver and encourage them to actively collaborate.
  5. Encourage them to possess Creative Confidence in their purpose and place in the company.

With change momentum being a consistent trend in dentistry, focusing and harnessing the collaboration between the Dental Entrepreneur and the Intrapreneur in your Practice Model may be the one vital component that sets you apart With change being a constant, focusing and harnessing the Intrapreneurs in your organization may be one of the most important things you’ll do this year. Intrapreneurship may be a relativity new idea, but interest is gathering fast. Learn more

Rhonda Mullins, CEO, RHO Global Inc and Dentrepreneur Solutions, LLC
Ready to Start Your Journey? Contact Rhonda Today!  Email  |  404.445.7730

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