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Equipment Used in Dentists

Equipment Used in Dentists

9/19/2022 8:01:32 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 29

If you want to become a dentist yourself, or are just looking to be a little more versed in what exactly your friendly neighborhood dentist is going to be putting in your mouth the next time you visit them, then you need to see some of the most common equipment used in dentists offices. 

They’ve got a whole host of dentist supplies that will help them analyze any changes in your mouth and will help them figure out what is going on with your oral health. Then they’ve got even more tools to help you fix any problems and get your pearly whites shining again! Here are some of the most common tools you will see during your next dentist visit.

 A Mouth Mirror

This is almost always going to be used during any dental visit, because try as they might your dentist isn’t going to be able to see inside your mouth all the way with just the vantage point they have. If they need to get a better view of a potential area inside the mouth, or get a look at the back of your teeth, then a mouth mirror will allow them to look at all views and inspect all parts of your mouth and teeth. 

Then they can give you the best diagnosis and move forward with your checkup!

Dental Probes and Drills

Dental probes are often used to poke around inside of your mouth and explore the teeth. Sickle probes are used to look for cavities and other issues, while periodontal probes focus on the gumline and look for any gum recession or signs of gum disease. Additionally, dental drills are used to remove decay on your teeth, often whenever you are in to have your cavities filled.

Dental Burs

There are several different types of dental burs, and they can be made of steel, tungsten carbide or diamond grit. They are used to cut and polish hard tissues in the mouth, and are often used during surgery. If dentists are preparing a cavity for a filling, shaping bone, or working around materials like porcelain or acrylic, then they will often use burrs to cut the teeth and get them ready for the procedure.

Burrs come in all shapes and sizes, and different burrs are often used for different procedures. 

Dental Molds

If you need to get dentures, a crown, or just need an impression of your mouth done, then a dental mold is one of the best ways to do it. It’s a simple putty like substance that your dentist will put in your mouth, and then you simply need to bite down on it and create an impression. Then the impression will be filled with plaster and hardened to create a model of your teeth.

Dentists can use these molds to get a three dimensional image of your teeth, and they can be used to inspect your mouth for any cavities or other problems. Molds are also used to create crowns, caps, mouth guards, and braces as well.


Sometimes teeth, especially the inside of teeth under the enamel, can be very very sensitive. If a dentist needs to perform an injection or surgery inside of the mouth and needs to operate without causing you pain, then they will often administer an anesthetic to numb your mouth and relax you.

Now, this is different from sedation as you will still be conscious during the procedure. You just won’t be able to feel anything, however, sedation is always an option if you would rather be knocked out during the procedure. Make sure to ask your dentist because there are lots of ways to be sedated.

Talk To Your Dentist About Their Equipment

If you are a bit worried about how a dental procedure will work or what a piece of equipment will feel like in your mouth, then talk to your dentist. They will be able to help you and walk you through the procedure and the equipment step by step, and will ensure you feel comfortable with all of it.

Once you experience the pieces of dental equipment and how they work in your mouth, then you just need to look forward to that same experience every other time you make your way to the dentist. 

Dentists have a lot of pieces of dental equipment, and whether you are a dentist or just a curious patient, this article should have helped you get a better understanding of what goes on in a dentist’s office!

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