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Benefits of a Referral Management System

Benefits of a Referral Management System

8/13/2019 1:28:36 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 12

As technology continues to advance in the healthcare industry, one of the most resourceful tools that your practice can use is a referral management system. A referral management system allows physicians to connect with other specialists to provide extensive healthcare services for their patients.  

What are referrals?  

Referrals allow a primary care physician to grant secondary care to their patient through other specialists. Since it is very difficult for patients to seek care outside their primary doctor, they are here to simplify the process. Referrals have become an essential tool for healthcare providers as many patients need specialized care for various cases. 

Benefits of a Referral Management System

Today, 100 million referrals are being sent and received between clinics nationwide which lead providers to be faced with an overwhelming amount of administrative work. A referral management system simplifies the process while securely transferring patient data. While implementing referral system benefits your dental practice in numerous ways, how do you know which referral program to choose, and how will it add value to you and your patients? 

A prominent problem dentists face is lost referrals and referral leakage; how do you ensure your referrals are going to the right provider? Referral leakage can lead to financial losses and unregulated patient care, damaging to your clinic and patient’s health.  Referral management systems eliminate paper trails and ensure that all referrals are secure.

Protect your referrals by verifying they go through a closed loop and are trackable. A referral system which updates you on all inbound and outbound referrals certifies that each one is secure and provides a way to keep track of medical information. With this, the percentage of completed cases rates increase, and there is a decrease of missed follow-up appointments.  


A referral management system with a built-in provider database is very advantageous to any healthcare practice. This eliminates the extra time it takes for doctors to research specialists for each patient. According to a study done by DentaQuest, many dental organizations do not have bidirectional referral systems (dental-medical, medical-dental). Having a referral program with both dental specialists and physicians will greatly benefit your patients by providing them with a diverse amount of resources for multiple cases. 

Adding your practice to an online database also builds your online presence and increases the referrals from other clinicsMany referral programs include direct website referrals, so each provider is sent to your website for all referrals. Grow your practice and patient numbers through networking with other providers.  

Benefits of a Referral Management System

A referral management system allows providers and physicians to connect in real-time, bypassing missed calls, email waits, and forgotten notes. Communication can be done through instant messaging or video chats which can include two or more providers at a time. This ensures each patient case is regulated by every professional involved. 

Many patients require specialized care which PCPs may not be able to provide. By collaborating, your practice is not losing patients, but sharing them between specialists. Patients will choose a healthcare provider who are able to give them resources for various treatments.  


Referral management systems are fast. Extended waiting periods for follow-up appointments, diagnosis, and consultations result in forgotten appointments. Patients who are not seen immediately lose a sense of urgency for their treatment and may not seek the healthcare they need. A referral system allows for communication between dentists and specialists to be fast and efficient.

The faster you can attend to your patients, the more likely they will come back they will come back to your practice. Patients today can be expected to wait months before being seen by a healthcare provider. Shrink your waiting list and build your patient numbers!  

Use a program that leaves room for your practice to grow. Marketing referral has become an increasingly common way for dental practices to gain new patients, mostly due to its simple method. Many patients turn to healthcare providers based on what they hear from people they know and, of course, referrals from their primary provider. Patients are unable to see specialists without a referral from their PCP beforehand, a referral management system allows doctors to connect with you easily and refer their patients to your practice instantly. As your clinic grows the number of referrals it receives, you will experience a rise in new patients.  



Revolutionize your dental practice with a referral management system and provide your patients with the resources they need. Eliminate paperwork through this digital service and spend more time with your primary focus: your patients.  


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