From Taking Care of Your Teeth to Taking Care of Your Practice
From Taking Care of Your Teeth to Taking Care of Your Practice
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The Importance of HR in a Dental Office

The Importance of HR in a Dental Office

4/19/2019 3:54:05 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 18

Many dentists are not adequately trained on management duties. This is partially due to the lack of HR professionals found in dental offices since most places simply merge the responsibilities of both an office and a human resource manager, which saves money on infrastructure but prevents dentists from fully complying with the current laws applied to HR's evaluation of employee performances. 

Why Dental Offices Need an HR Department for Managing Healthcare Practices 

HR personnel is in charge of federal and state laws that ensure hiring practices are not discriminatory towards a candidate's race or gender. Also, they process documents about employee medical benefits and safety procedures according to company policy. HR professionals are expected to have experience with recruiting skilled employees, uploading job opening ads, and conducting performance reviews to decide the terms of fair compensation. 

While the front desk is preoccupied with setting up patient appointments and assigning them to an on-site dentist, the HR department can establish the goals and benchmarks for appropriate behavior using a mission statement, which applies to hygienists, dentists, and even the administration board. After all, dentists should strive to go above and beyond providing basic services to patients, pointing out how their practice respects a patient's right to privacy. 

HR Builds the Framework of Professional Standards in Medicine

In order to maintain a decent reputation as a dental office, the staff should be given updated equipment despite the added expense on the business end of healthcare providers. HR could develop a strategic plan that would specify which objective metrics will be utilized in measuring the quality of patient care. In other words, how should HR incentivize individual team members based on their performance? And where is the bottom line when it comes to dismissing those who fail to uphold those standards?

In some healthcare industries like dentistry, there are clearly no market leaders which results in businesses being fragmented without any effective way to distinguish one practice from another. That's why strategic positioning is so important: Dentist offices could provide specialized services to help them stand out against competitors including teeth extractions, regular cleanings, cavity removal, and more. New procedures are difficult to introduce due to healthcare restrictions, but different approaches to responsive patient care are more than welcome when patient satisfaction is guaranteed. 

The Transition From an In-House Management Team to an Outsourced, Contract-based One 

Having HR in healthcare industry is no longer a matter of budget. And yet, many dental offices are facing their own challenges, namely the decision to outsource their management responsibilities and sending operational functions towards the parent company. It could lead to some confusion about how personnel will receive training and potentially complicate the contract between a dental office and the management company. 

Recent trends in the healthcare industry show that HR professionals are struggling with the staffing of nurses and doctors, partially due to increasing demand for patient services and medical candidates being selective about where they want to work. Another issue is the rising cost of reporting requirements for both the IRS and the ACA, which HR managers are responsible for. They now need enhanced software to document an employee's background or certification renewals so they will pass annual health and safety inspections

Talent management initiatives are getting more competitive too, as hospitals are negotiating employee salaries and methods for increasing employee retention. Therefore, dentistry companies should have experienced HR personnel who can decide which business strategies will optimize their ROI. HR should recommend new technologies and procedures for collecting data from patients in a more efficient manner. These are just some examples of the changes occurring in HR which the dental office should be aware of before they assign an in-house HR department.

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