From Taking Care of Your Teeth to Taking Care of Your Practice
From Taking Care of Your Teeth to Taking Care of Your Practice
This blog will be full of great health tips to keep your mouth and teeth pristine, actionable advice to grow your practice and keep your clients happy, and everything in between!
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How to Successfully Manage a Family Dental Practice

How to Successfully Manage a Family Dental Practice

3/7/2019 3:17:02 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 40

Managing any business is a difficult task. When it comes to the dental arts, there are complex parts to this industry that must be built into the business model. A family dental practice can thrive for many years with the proper protocols in place. Here's what you should know about managing a dental practice so that it serves the community with flair and ease.

Hiring the Right People

You can't properly manage a dental practice without the right people. Hire hygienists and office staff who have extensive experience in the dental arts. The number of people will vary based on the practice's size. Once you have everyone in place, avoid any micromanagement. Quality employees don't need to have a person hovering over them at all times. Let them do the work. Review it afterward, and discuss any changes at that point. 

You’ll also want to make sure they are satisfied with their compensation and benefits. If they think there are greener pastures in other dental offices, they won’t hesitate to leave. Make sure you have the right tech in place so you can provide your employees with the best possible benefits. Ensure that you know how to make a check stub and other necessary documents. You'll have a smooth operation with the right people in place when respect is part of daily work life.

Leading as the Dentist

Managing a dental practice means that you must be a leader. Both your employees and patients look to you for guidance and reassurance. Be a supportive person while carving out the rules of the land within your practice. 

Remain positive during tough times, but convey the seriousness of the situation whenever possible. You gain respect and offer even more leadership value when you're honest with everyone. A good leader listens to their employees for everyday feedback. Communication must remain open as the leader molds the practice into a successful venture.

Keeping up With Patient Load

There will be few patients visiting your office if you cannot keep up with the volume. Patients don't want to wait too long for a basic cleaning. Manage your office by spacing out the patients' appointments. As a dentist, you know how long you'd like to spend with each person. Carve out that time so that everyone who visits the office has a short waiting time and ample services with the professionals. If this scenario means fewer patients seen in one day, this reality will only improve your service with more people filling in your open appointments in the future.

Maintaining the Accounting Side

You care for your patients and employees, but you're also in business to make a living. A solid accounting program must be part of your business model. Look into software that can manage insurance payments, accounts receivables and payables. Money should be swiftly moving in and out of the practice each day. 

Don't hesitate to use credit repair services if your accounting has a few problems over several months. You'll build up trust with the credit bureaus, which only improves your bottom line over the years.

Verifying Insurance Coverage

You might work with dental insurance on a constant basis, but don't overlook the practice's need for insurance. Make sure that the practice has insurance for the building, the employees and your professional services. These policies are often separate items that can be bundled into blanket coverage. Any lapse in insurance coverage can leave you open to lawsuits. Work with a legal representative in order to fill out this coverage as needed.

Remembering to be Social

Putting yourself out there on social media is a clever way to find and retain patients. Most people only see the dentist twice a year. An appointment and oral hygiene might slip their minds. Social media offers constant reminders about oral care and that upcoming appointment. 

Become an informational expert for your followers. There's no need to post sales-driven items every day. Discussing gum care and toothbrush facts will speak for themselves.


Always put your patients first. You may need to stray away from common conventions at times when it comes to personalized care. Don't compromise your business during this process, however. You should ultimately care for the patient while maintaining harmony within the office environment.

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