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How To Create A Compensation Plan For Dental Hygienists

How To Create A Compensation Plan For Dental Hygienists

2/6/2019 2:37:03 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 43

The field of dentistry has witnessed several changes over the past ten years, and one facet that has been seeing improvements is the pay scale. Dental hygienists, in particular, have been seeing a gradual increase in the benefits that they experience owing to the prevalent need for professionals that can perform well. Being a dental hygienist has become an incredibly lucrative career path and had the field has been experiencing tremendous growth. Educational institutions offering courses for dental hygienists have also given prominence to this particular sector and is something that has pushed for big changes in the industry.

The increased number of dental hygienists in this industry has led to significant fluctuations in the manner in which these professionals are paid. Pay-per-hour is one of the most common types of payment plans that professionals tend to go in for, and also receive additional benefits as part of their position. The compensation models for these professionals have also seen an incredible amount of positive change, resulting in more profits for those working in these positions.

Growing Demand For Commissions

Commissions have become an important part of the benefits that dental hygienists want to receive from a place that they choose to work with. Dental hygienists want to be commended on the good work that they do, and generally, opt to receive this through a competency based payment structure. Because of this growing trend, it is essential for dental clinics to understand what is competency based pay and what it entails.

Competency-based payment plans are beneficial because they serve as a great motivation for dental hygienists to always perform their very best when in the line of work, and can promote better work, which in turn benefits the dental clinic.

Formulating A Good Pay Structure

The commission structure of pay is something that dental hygienists tend to prefer as a result of the diversity they can receive in terms of their compensation. Many dental clinics, however, face hindrances when trying to formulate a good payment structure for the professionals working for them. In these instances, it is crucial for the administration to be aware of their employee's needs and demands, as well as how much they can offer them.

Compensations With Base Pay

Any professional wants to be sure of the position that they are in and the stipulated amount that they can earn. For this purpose, more and more dental hygienists are now asking for a base amount that they can earn per month instead of going by the pay by hour plan. This gives employees more stability in terms of the duration that they can work for. However, creating a compensation plan on this amount becomes trickier because of the limitations with regards to the time spent working and the commission percentage.

There are two plans that dental clinics generally turn to in these instances. They are:

Base Pay + Compensation

Compensation is a certain amount that dental hygienists are given based on the number of clients they see or the number of hours that they spend. This is generally a percentage of the base amount that they earn per time frame. Some dental clinics even opt for a commission per day, which is a certain amount earned daily on the base number. While there is no fixed number on the commission that dental clinics have to impose, it is generally under one-third of the total production that is accounted for as compensation.

Base Pay + Incentive

Base Pay Plus Incentive is a plan that is slowly becoming more popular, and the more opted for payment structure among professionals in this field. In this, a dental hygienist is given a stipulated amount as an hourly or monthly rate and is given certain goals that they have to meet. Meeting these goals means that the dental hygienists will receive a certain amount on the base amount that they earn, which is something that promotes better work and more dedication to the job.

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