Getting Google Reviews
Getting Google Reviews
Learn how to generate Google reviews based on the best practices of dental offices that are getting 300 + Google reviews a year.
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Why Value of Having Lots Of Google Reviews

11/8/2018 3:15:18 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 30
At one time I would have suggested that having the highest rating and enough Google reviews to protect your rating from falling when you get that one bad review would be enough Google reviews, but I don't feel that way anymore. To start, you have competitors who are getting reviews every day. If you stop they will surpass you. But there are more important reasons to continue to get Google reviews that you and many dentists have probably not considered.

1) When you verbally ask a patient if they will do you a favor and write a review for you and they do it, they are demonstrating that they are a fan of your practice. If you or the staff member that asked them to write the review contacts them immediately and thanks them for writing the review, you will convert them into a Raving Fan.

2) Unlike a restaurant where you can reward the staff with a tip for outstanding service, the only way a patient can reward you and your staff for the same outstanding service is with a great Google review. They want to do something for you to "tip" you and giving them an opportunity to write a review is the best way to do that. It only takes a few minutes and they know the reward they're providing to you is extremely valuable and less expensive than a 20% tip.

If you've never asked a patient to write a review before you will be surprised and delighted at their response ... as long as you and your staff have provided outstanding service. Patients want to write reviews for people when they feel special in your presence.

3) What do you think is more valuable: reading reviews on Google from patients about a dental practice or a recommendation from a friend about your dental practice? Personally, I'm more likely to pay attention to what my friend has to tell me about his or her experience at the office. The more Google reviews you have, the more likely it will be that when a prospect is reading your reviews, they will see a review written by one of their friends. That review just turned into a way more valuable personal recommendation. The more reviews you have, the greater the likelihood of a reader seeing a recommendation from a friend.

4) Patients write reviews for people, not practices. When you or your staff verbally asks a patient if they will write a review for you (without being pushy, leading or needy) they are way more likely to write a review because they've made a personal commitment to do so. If you have a dental office in your community with 500 reviews or more or if you see dental offices getting 5-star Google reviews every day, you can bet that the dentist and the staff in those offices are proud of the service they provide and they are personally asking a patient to honestly write a review about their experience.

If your staff is not willing to ask a patient to write a review, you must ask yourself why.  Is your office busier than the offices that are getting one or more Google reviews every day? I doubt it. Is your patient demographic different from other dentists in your community? Probably not. Is your staff giving you a million and one reasons why they are not going to ask for a review or why the can't do it ... even though you know this is the single most valuable and least expensive marketing tool at your disposal? If so, I can promise you that it has very little to do with the excuses they're giving you and a lot more with what they are not telling you.

Let me leave you with this. When a staff member is proud of the service they provide, they are proud to ask for a review because they know that your office is worthy of it. If they are not comfortable asking for a review, there are deeper issues that must be addressed first.

There are so many great benefits that accompany a patient review on Google and the most important ones have nothing to do with you moving up in the search results, or you being seen as the best dentist in your community, or you getting more business based on your reviews etc. The real benefit of having lots of Google reviews has to do with how many raving fans you have working for you.

If your staff is proud of the service they provide and willing to ask for a review but uncomfortable on how to ask, PM me and I'll send you the script our subscribers who are getting 300+ Google reviews a year are using to get those reviews. If you don't hear from me via the PM link (which does not always work) , please contact me through the link to our website below in my signature file.
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