the Pediatric Dental Directions Podcast
the Pediatric Dental Directions Podcast
Welcome to the PDDx Experience, a podcast series by Pediatric Dental Directions. Dr's. Philip Slonkosky, Robert Elliott, and guests discuss all things related to pediatric dentistry and what it takes to build a thriving practice culture!
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You can't do this alone - knowing when to get help!
Dentistry is challenging, and I am only talking about the practice of the profession. Running a million dollar company with a team is just as demanding. So how can we do both jobs well, when both are equally demanding? One thing I have learned over the last 10 years is I cannot do this alone, I...  Read More
PDDx Experience Ep9 - Pediatric Marketing Pearls with Dr. Bobby Elliott
Do you have questions about marketing? Are you confused about where to start? In this episode Dr. Bobby Elliott and I talk about marketing and offer five examples of simple, common sense things you start doing in your office today. Let's face it, dentistry is hard enough, but in order to grow your...  Read More
the Pediatric Dental Directions Podcast Ep8 - Being a Boss: Bringing in a NEW Doctor
Being a boss means that one day you will assume the responsibility of on-boarding a new associate/future partner. There is a reason most of these relationships fail the first few times around. In this episode Bobby and I talk about what it means to bring on a new doctor as part of the TEAM. We...  Read More
the Pediatric Dental Directions Podcast Episode 7: Caring, Criticism, and Correction with Gay Lowry
Caring, Criticism, and Correction, the three “C” that we all have a tough time balancing when dealing with TEAM members. In this episode I talk with Gay Lowry about how we can apply caring, criticism, and correction in the right way, and in the right order to help hold our TEAM members accountable...  Read More
the Pediatric Dental Directions Podcast Episode 6: The Journey with Dr. Justin Warcup
Practicing dentistry is a lifelong journey. In this episode Dr. Justin Warcup joins me for a discussion about how we can find balance to help us enjoy the journey that is our profession. Each of us can speak to the many challenges we face in our day to day lives, but what do we do to recharge when...  Read More
the Pediatric Dental Directions Podcast Episode 5: Being a Boss
Being a boss is a huge challenge. Being a boss also brings many rewards that make all the hard work and stress worth it. How did you decide being a boss was right for you? In this podcast Bobby and Phil talk about being a boss, what it means to each of us, and how we decided that taking on the...  Read More
The PDDx Experience - Episode 4 - TEAM Huddles and Dynamics with Gay Lowry, Lowry Consulting
In this episode I have a conversation with Gay Lowry, and amazing practice consult who I have had the pleasure of working with both as a client and as a co-lecturer. We discuss her journey into practice consulting and what she is doing to help practices thrive. She shares some pearls about TEAM...  Read More
The PDDx Experience - Episode 3 - TEAM Culture with Dr. Justin Warcup Part 2
In this weeks episode (one week with four kids) Justin and I continue our discussion about how he developed his practice culture. We talk TEAM development, coaching, culture, hiring and firing, and how developing a leadership committee within your practice can be a cultural game...  Read More
The PDDx Experience - Episode 2 - Work Life Balance and Team Culture with Dr. Justin Warcup
In this episode Dr. Justin Warcup and I discuss his journey to becoming a pediatric dentist, how he bought his first practice, and how he had to find a better work life balance after taking over a practice that had been around for over 30 years! This is the first part of our conversation and it is...  Read More
The PDDx Experience - Episode 1 - Control your schedule, Control you life!
Welcome to the first episode of the PDDx Experience, a podcast series by pediatric dental directions. This is a new podcast for anyone interested in pediatric dentistry and building a thriving practice culture. In this episode, Dr's Philip Slonkosky and Robert Elliott introduce themselves to the...  Read More

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