Clearing the Air: Air Quality & Management for Dental Offices & Labs
Clearing the Air: Air Quality & Management for Dental Offices & Labs
A mix of informative solutions and articles; this blog is focused on providing information about the science and containment of airborne hazards and health for dental staff.
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The Complete Guide to Dental Aerosols and Airborne Infection Control
Dental aerosol management and infection control have come to the forefront of dentistry. As concerns over aerosol generating procedures and air filtration increase, the need for proper control methods is clear. Demand for a new standard of airborne infection control. To be fair, there’s plenty of...  Read More
The implications of different particle sizes in airborne infection control.
Research finds that particle size is the most important determinant of aerosol behavior. Many existing recommendations have been based on older studies, however over the last 20 years numerous investigators have directly measured the particle size of infectious aerosols emitted from coughing and...  Read More
Knowing what your patients are concerned about is key to running a successful dental practice but can be difficult to truly know.  Luckily, we have insight into “the minds of the people” using a bit of digital savvy. At Vaniman, we continuously look for insight into how we can help improve the...  Read More
A Practical Guide to Dental Lab Suction Design
  While there are many aspects to designing an efficient dental lab, proper suction design for dust collection is often overlooked. Keeping your work stations and lab area clean are highly important and without adequate dust collection, your lab can quickly become a dusty mess. This guide will help...  Read More
Can HEPA air purifiers filter out the COVID-19 virus?
The short answer is we don’t have any direct research to verify if a HEPA air purifier reduces transmission of COVID-19 however, , “we can infer from what we know for similar viruses, like SARS, there is reason to think air purifiers might help in some situations.” How does HEPA filtration work?...  Read More
Be wary of air filtration and UV light claims. It could lead to legal hot water.
Equipment manufacturers and several dental professionals are making potentially false statements regarding newly introduced infection control equipment; and it could get them into legal trouble. Dental practitioners should be wary about making claims regarding filtration equipment destroying or...  Read More
CDC Removes Dental Aerosol Patient Wait Time - ADA Counters
In a recent update to it’s , the CDC has removed the 15 minute wait time between patients after dental aerosol generating procedures. The ADA countered by advising against this. CDC Updates Dental Setting Recommendations The CDC updated dental aerosol and engineering controls (mostly related...  Read More

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