Front Office on Fire
Front Office on Fire
Front Office on Fire was designed with one person in mind...YOU!!! This podcast was created to help dental team members think like a CEO. Creating a mindset-shift from "just the office manager" to "The Office Manager and CEO of your career!"
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How to be Authentic with your Staff and Patients with John Estefano
This week I had the privilege to interview a successful Dentalpreneur John Estefano. John has been in the dental field for over 12 years and has some amazing stories and tips on how to become your most authentic, genuine, and vulnerable self around your staff and patients.   Read More
How to Be A Great Biller
How to be a great biller? This episode we will be coving what skills you should have to be a successful dental biller? What to look for during the interview process, how to answer vital interview questions when interviewing to become a dental biller, and more. Listen now.  Read More
How To Beat Overwhelm & Burnout
Do you ever feel like you just have too much on your plate? Are you feeling overwhelmed, and thinking something has got to change? Today's episode we talk about a few helpful tips and tricks to reduce overwhelm and stop you from becoming burned out.  Read More
How To Provide Exceptional Customer Service?
What is customer service? How can customer service help my dental business? Providing excellent customer service is dependent on you. This episode is geared towards private practices and solopreneurs, to help differentiate yourself from the corporate companies. Listen now and start providing...  Read More
How To Conduct a Winning Interview?
Understanding the importance and impact of conducting an interview is critical. not only for the employer but for the potential employee as well. Learn how to conduct an interview in a variety of situations so that information, and objective is accurately obtained.  Read More
How To Ace The Interview?
Have you ever left an interview feeling confused? Not really sure how the interview went because you felt like the interviewer didn't ask the right questions. In this weeks episode, we are going to talk about how to ace the interview? How preparing for an interview, and landing your dream job can...  Read More
Have you ever asked for a raise? If you have, you will probably agree that asking for a raise can cause some serious anxiety. In this episode of Front Office on Fire host, Ericka Tapia gives you a few strategies on how to take a more professional approach to ask for a raise.  Read More
Welcome To Front Office On Fire - Hosted By Ericka Tapia
Welcome to Front Office on Fire   Welcome To Front Office on Fire!!!! In this episode of Front Office on Fire host, Ericka Tapia shares her WHY behind launching a podcast dedicated to her dental front office co-workers.   Read More

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