The Dental Amigos
The Dental Amigos
The Dental Amigos serve as a resource for dentists and those who like, love or spend time with dentists, and to bring the dental world together for the RIGHT reasons - fun, friendship and (practical) learning inside and outside of the operatory.
Rob Montgomery

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Episode 46 – Tom Comerota of DentalStores
Rob and Paul host Tom Comerota, founder of DentalStores, an online patient store and in-office dental savings management program. Over the years, Tom has jump-started several companies focused on the sale of dental products and has helped sell millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise. In this...  Read More
Episode 45 – It’s Associate Hiring Season! “Dos and Don’ts…”
It’s the time of the year when associates and practices are scurrying to find one another. Rob and Paul decided to celebrate the joyous season by talking about the “Dos and Don’ts” of associate employment relationships from the perspective of both the practice and the associate. They drill down on...  Read More
Episode 44 – Dr. Lewis Chen on Keeping Up with Change in the Dental World, and More
Rob and Paul host Dr. Lewis Chen, a young entrepreneurial practicing dentist and multi-practice owner who did a ground-floor storefront dental practice start-up in the heart of New York City’s, Greenwich Village while at the same time acquiring a dental practice in Edgewater, New Jersey. Paul and...  Read More
Episode 43 – Vivek Kinra’s Tips for Maximizing Insurance Reimbursement & Insurance Credentialing
Rob and Paul host Vivek Kinra, CEO of PPO Profits, a firm solely dedicated to increasing the PPO insurance reimbursements for dentists. In the episode, Vivek speaks with Paul and Rob about best practices for the insurance credentialing and fee schedule negotiation process (including a...  Read More
Episode 42 – LocalMed’s Tom Brown on Better Decision Making and Patient Scheduling
Rob and Paul host Tom Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at LocalMed. In this episode, Tom talks about his Black Belt in “Lean Six Sigma” which is a methodology used to improve business processes by utilizing statistical analysis rather than guesswork that “takes the fear out of...  Read More
Episode 41 – Dr. DeAngelo Webster of Practice Biopsy
Rob and Paul host their amigo, Dr. DeAngelo Webster, a practicing dentist, dental practice owner and the founder of Practice Biopsy. In 2017, DeAngelo began documenting the daily “behind the scenes” process of building and operating his practice which can be followed in the Facebook group...  Read More
Episode 40 – Dr. Jason Smithson, internationally renowned cosmetic and reconstructive dentist and lecturer
Rob and Paul host their British amigo, Dr. Jason Smithson, a practicing dentist in Cornwall, U.K. Paul and Rob chat with Dr. Smithson about wine, the benefits of working in a group of general dentists with each having a special focus and the importance of “regular dentistry.” They also discuss...  Read More
Episode 39 – The Dental Amigos on the Impact of Bad Agreements and Bad Deals
In this episode, Paul and Rob talk about “when bad agreements come back to take a bite out of your nachos.” How contractual provisions such as restrictive covenants and lease provisions can impact a dentist’s future; the importance of due diligence; and things that can go wrong with buy-ins....  Read More
Episode 38 – Anna Haslinsky, Esq. on Employee Handbooks
The Dental Amigos host their amiga Anna Haslinksy, Esquire, a seasoned attorney with Rob’s firm who regularly represents dentists with practice transitions, employment agreements and employee handbooks. In this episode, Anna, Rob and Paul chat about the process of preparing an employee handbook,...  Read More
Episode 37- Brian Madden on How to Save Money on Dental Office Lease Renewals
The Dental Amigos are excited to again host their Philly amigo and commercial real estate agent, Brian Madden. In this episode, Paul and Rob peel back the curtain on lease renewals with Brian and chat about the lease renewal process and, most importantly, how and when to start to the process so...  Read More
Episode 36 – The Nacho Plate of Paul Goodman
In this episode, Rob chats with Paul about what he does, why he does it and how he came to be “Dr. Nacho.” Paul talks about how he transformed his local study club and continuing education courses into the electronic and social media presence that they are today. With Paul’s upcoming “New Dentist...  Read More
Episode 35 – Linda Harvey on Risk Management and Compliance (including HIPAA and OSHA)
Rob and Paul host Ms. Linda Harvey, a nationally recognized healthcare risk management and compliance expert, who assists dentists and their teams in navigating regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and OSHA as well as infection control audits. Paul and Rob chat with Linda about the importance of...  Read More
Episode 34 – Dr. Tyler Bond on the “Military Option” for Funding Dental School, Clinical Training Benefits of the Navy and Much More!
Rob and Paul host Dr. Tyler Bond, a practicing dentist, currently serving in the U.S. Navy at Naval Base Kitsap in Washington State and soon to be stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina with the Marines for three years starting in the summer of 2019. Dr. Bond is a 2018 graduate of Midwestern...  Read More
Episode 33 – Dr. Andrew Matta, Chief Medical Officer & Founding Partner of the North American Dental Group
Rob and Paul peel back the curtain of the DSO world with their guest Dr. Andrew Matta who is the Chief Medical Officer & Founding Partner of the North American Dental Group. In this episode, Rob and Paul chat with Dr. Matta about how he got his start in dentistry, how he transitioned into the group...  Read More
Episode 32 – Dr. Mark Costes on the Importance of Systems in Dental Practices and Much More!
The Dental Amigos host the legendary Dr. Mark Costes for the second time!  In this episode, Dr. Paul Goodman and Robert Montgomery, Esquire chat with Dr. Costes about how he developed his group practice, the importance of delegating, how Dr. Costes manages his systems and structures his team...  Read More
Episode 31 – Dr. Todd Fleischman on the Importance of Mentoring and Networking for Dentists
Rob and Paul host their hometown amigo, Dr. Todd Fleischman, a practicing dentist with a fee-for-service general dentistry practice in Center City Philadelphia. Todd chats with Rob and Paul about his advice for new dentists such as reaching out and meeting dentists, seeking mentors, and investing...  Read More
Episode 30 – The Dental Amigos Talk About Letters of Intent in Dental Practice Transitions
In this episode, Paul and Rob chat about issues surrounding letters of intent in dental practice transitions. What is the purpose of a Letter of Intent (“LOI”)? Why is an LOI important? What provisions should be in a LOI? What are the things to be careful of in an LOI? Listeners who want to reach...  Read More
Episode 29 – Frank King, “The Mental Health Comedian” (Part of the Dentist Well-Being Series)
Rob and Paul host Frank King, “The Mental Health Comedian,” a suicide prevention and postvention public speaker and trainer, as well as writer for The Tonight Show for 20 years. Depression and suicide run in Frank’s family and he’s fought a lifelong battle with Major Depressive Disorder and Chronic...  Read More
Episode 28 – Drew Byrnes on “Keeping the Faith” with a Fee-for-Service Business Model
Rob and Paul host Dr. Drew Byrnes, a fellow-podcaster and dental practice owner. In this episode Paul and Rob chat with Dr. Byrnes about his passion for fee-for-service dentistry and how he has leveraged dental membership plans to support his fee-for-service business model. You can email Dr. Byrnes...  Read More
Episode 27 – Jayme Amos on “Vision” and Fulfillment in Start-up Practices (Part of the Dentist Well-Being Series)
Rob and Paul host their amigo and dental practice start-up guru, Jayme Amos, the founder of Ideal Practices, a highly-regarded consulting firm that works exclusively with dentists doing start-up practices.  In this episode, Jayme chats with Rob and Paul about the importance of “vision” in a...  Read More
Episode 26 – The Dental Amigos Talk About Seller Financing
In this episode, Paul and Rob chat about issues surrounding seller financing in dental practice transitions. What is seller financing? When does seller financing come into play? What sellers and buyers need to be aware of and what they should expect. This is a one-on-one Amigo discussion that you...  Read More
Episode 25 – Dr. Erin Elliott on Implementing Sleep Medicine in a Dental Practice and More
The Dental Amigos host Dr. Erin Elliott, a practicing general dentist and dental practice owner in North Idaho with a special interest in Dental Sleep Medicine and Short Term Orthodontics.  Paul and Rob chat with Dr. Elliott about the importance of seeking mentoring and of confidence for young...  Read More
Episode 24 – Dr. Desiree Yazdan on Authentic Social Media Marketing and the Stresses of Dental Practice Ownership
The Dental Amigos host Dr. Desiree Yazdan, a leading cosmetic dentist and dental practice owner in Newport Beach, California. Rob and Paul chat with Dr. Yazdan about her authentic (and highly effective) use of social media to promote her practice, ”selfie-ready” teeth, the importance of...  Read More
Episode 23 – Dr. David Maconi on General Practice Residencies
The Dental Amigos host Dr. David Maconi, a practicing dentist who completed an AEGD residency at East Carolina University where he largely focused on developing skills in implant placement, surgical extractions, and cosmetic dentistry. Dave is currently working in a large DSO practice near...  Read More
Episode 22 - War Stories from the DSO Front with Justin Weaver, Esquire
The Dental Amigos host their amigo Justin Weaver, Esquire, a seasoned attorney in Rob’s firm who has represented dentists in literally hundreds of dental practice sales and acquisitions, including representing DSOs and clients selling to DSOs. In this episode, Justin, Rob and Paul have a...  Read More
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