The Dental Marketing X-Files with Xaña Winans
The Dental Marketing X-Files with Xaña Winans
Dental marketing can be filled with confusing, conflicting advice that leads to frustration. In The Dental Marketing X-Files with Xaña Winans, we'll reveal what works and why, and what you can ignore. In dental marketing, "the truth is out there."
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Xana Winans
Xana Winans

We're Giving Away a FREE Dental Website
To celebrate the season,  If your dental website is old and outdated, looks just like everyone else's site, or just doesn't reflect who you are, enter to win and you could walk away with the best present of the season. Did you just launch a new site? No problem, you could win one of 11 other...  Read More
Dentists, Roofers And Opportunity Cost
I know, that's a hell of a blog title, right? And you're probably wondering what roofers could possibly have to do with  Let me explain... After noticing some buckling in the hardwood floor near the bedroom dormer, I realized we might have a leak (my immediate pain point). Considering that the...  Read More
Does Your Dental Marketing Have a Cavity? Don't Wait Till It Hurts.
It doesn't hurt, so why do I need to have this cavity filled? I'm willing to bet that as a dentist, you hear this feedback on a near weekly basis. Patients come in for a routine checkup and a cleaning, thinking everything is fine (because after all, if it doesn't hurt it must be okay as is), and...  Read More
How Much Should I Spend on My Dental Marketing in 2019?
One of the most common questions I hear when speaking to dentists about  is "How much should I budget?" It's not only a reasonable question, it's a highly responsible one. Practices who fail to develop a well thought out strategic marketing plan for the upcoming year often end up with surprise...  Read More
2019's Top 5 Dental Website Conversion Hacks
2019: The Year of Dental Marketing Conversion SEO is clearly vital for your dental website but there's a new factor that's caught Google's attention lately, and that's Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). What is Conversion Rate Optimization you ask? Great question:  CRO is defined by marketers as...  Read More
Dental Websites and Social Proof: 10 Easy Ways to Use It
If you want new patients, you already know you need to invest in . Getting to the top of the search engines is a must, even if you're investing in direct mail or Google Adwords or even traditional radio and TV advertising. But did you know that SEO is only half the battle?  CRO: The Act of...  Read More

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