Medit Introduces New i700 Wireless Intraoral Scanner

Posted: April 20, 2022
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LONG BEACH, Calif.—Medit, a global provider of 3D measurement solutions for dental clinics and labs, has announced the release of its i700 wireless intraoral scanner. The new wireless scanner has been designed as a portable wand that offers the same speed, accuracy and lightness as Medit's original i700 scanner.

Medit Introduces New i700 Wireless Intraoral Scanner
The light, weight-balanced i700 wireless scanner utilizes next-generation wireless communication technology, while the battery offers one hour of continuous scanning and eight hours in standby mode. The camera captures up to 70 frames per second, collecting data with each pass in realistic color and crisp images, and the updated design includes a reversible tip and wide scanning area, allowing for scanning at any angle with no constraints to movement. To counter COVID-19 concerns, a remote control button allows clinicians to check scan data from the scanner and show patients without worry of cross-contamination. The self-disinfecting UV-C LED further keeps the unit clean.

The i700 wireless runs on Medit Link, Medit’s software that integrates with other CAD/CAM providers and Medit’s own apps including Medit Design, Smile Design, Ortho Simulation, Model Builder and Crown Fit.

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