Henry Schein Enters Agreement With Zyris to Distribute Isolation System

Posted: September 8, 2020
Edited by Dentaltown staff

MELVILLE, N.Y.—Henry Schein has entered into an agreement with Zyris (formerly Isolite Systems) to be the exclusive distributor of the company's complete dental isolation system. Henry Schein is offering Zyris’ complete dental isolation system and its full line of mouthpieces designed to help dental practitioners, dental assistants and hygienists have greater control and visibility for dental procedures that require patients’ teeth to be isolated and repaired dry, such as as laser surgery, crown preparations, restorations or extractions.

Minimizing bacteria to the mouth, this suite of solutions can enhance infection control protocols and aerosol management, helping practices provide a safer and more efficient patient experience. The dental isolation system features hands-free, high-volume evacuator (HVE) devices and mouthpieces—all manufactured in the United States—that connect to a dental chair’s HVE line, giving dental professionals continuous suction throughout the entire procedure. The system also provides retraction of the patient’s tongue and cheek to provide dentists with more working room and airway protection from the water, blood, saliva, and debris associated with dental surgery.

“As we continue to help our customers reopen their practices, it is essential that we offer solutions that enhance infection prevention protocols,” said AJ Caffentzis, president, U.S. dental distribution. “Thanks to our valued partner, Zyris, and its dental isolation system, our customers can rely on us to help them deliver a safer and more comfortable experience for their patients.”

For more information, visit henryscheindental.com/isolite.
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