Henry Schein One Announces Upgrades to TechCentral OmniCore at GNYDM

All-in-one network infrastructure solution offers increased storage space for users with larger network needs and increased end point connections for greater access to information from multiple device
Posted: November 26, 2018
Edited by Dentaltown staff

AMERICAN FORK, Utah—Henry Schein One announced that its all-in-one network infrastructure solution, OmniCore, now features a more robust server, increased storage space (both locally and in the cloud) and the ability to connect up to 44 end point connections. This allows OmniCore to deliver complete networking and storage services for larger practices. Offered by TechCentral, OmniCore provides all the essential hardware in one convenient box, and the IT services needed to operate dental practice networks.
“No matter the size of a single practice’s network infrastructure, OmniCore’s new features give customers access to a wider range of IT solutions,” said John DeMark, TechCentral director of sales, Henry Schein One. “As we continue to invest in our technology, customers can rely on TechCentral to manage and maintain their dental practice network, taking the IT stress out of dentistry and helping them focus on delivering quality patient care.”
OmniCore is a new IT solution for the dental industry called, “hardware as a service,” which gives customers the option to pay a monthly fee for TechCentral to provide all of the essential hardware and services to run a network infrastructure. Because TechCentral retains ownership of the hardware, the team takes on the responsibility of maintaining, updating or replacing components automatically as they become out-of-date, eliminating common IT tasks from the dentists’ responsibilities. These tasks often include replacing outdated hardware, updating software licenses, maintaining secure firewalls, backing up data and managing network solutions.
“OmniCore has lot of great functionality, but what it boils down to is the security,” said Tamara Whitley, co-owner and office director, Whitley Family Dental. “I love being able to go to sleep at night knowing my office systems are taken care of and my patient data is more secure. You can’t put a price on having peace of mind.”
OmniCore will be showcased at the Greater New York Dental Meeting from Nov. 25—28 at booth #4627. For more information, visit hstechcentral.com/omnicore/press, or call TechCentral at 844-243-6074. 

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