Crown Council Names Henry Schein Cares Its Humanitarian Partner Of The Year At 2018 Annual Event

Posted: March 1, 2018
Edited by Dentaltown staff

SALT LAKE CITY—The Crown Council, an international association of independent dental practices committed to promoting oral health, fighting oral cancer, and serving communities, has named Henry Schein Cares as its Humanitarian Partner of the Year. Henry Schein Cares is the global corporate social responsibility program of Henry Schein and was honored in recognition of its longtime support for the Smiles for Life Foundation, Crown Council's children's charity arm.

Michele Penrose, director of global professional relations at Henry Schein, accepted the award on behalf of Henry Schein Cares at the 2018 Crown Council Annual Event in San Antonio this January.

Henry Schein has supported Smiles for Life for more than a decade, making annual donations of toothbrushes and other oral health supplies to the foundation in support of its members' humanitarian missions to underserved communities around the world. At each mission site, volunteer oral health professionals work with local dentists and hygienists to provide treatment—cleanings, root canals, implants, and more—and oral hygiene education to the local population.

Volunteers also provide ongoing training to the local practitioners to ensure that community members can access care on a continuing basis. In 2018, Henry Schein is supporting four foundation missions, two each to communities in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

"We at Henry Schein are honored to be named the Crown Council's Humanitarian Partner of the Year, and we thank its members for sharing our commitment to expanding access to care to those who need it most," said Stanley M. Bergman, chairman of the board and chief executive officer, Henry Schein. "By continuing to leverage our collective strengths in pursuit of a shared goal, we are able to make great strides in improving the oral health, and by extension overall health, of people in need. We thank the Crown Council for this award as we continue to 'help health happen' together."


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