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ZirClean by Bisco is a gel designed for nonabrasive cleaning of the bonding surfaces of zirconia and other prosthetic restorations after intraoral try-in. The product is designed to help recover, improve and maintain the bond strength of zirconia restorations by neutralizing the phosphate contamination of zirconia, as well as ceramic and metal restoration surfaces, that occurs during a try-in.

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Orthotown Magazine

Proxi-Chek is the newest addition to Microcopy’s family of single-use articulation products that eliminates the guesswork in adjusting crowns. The product offers a simple way for dentists to fit crowns by accurately marking contacts for adjustment, ensuring complete marginal seating and maximizing efficiency, leading to more predictable results. Its unique handle and articulation film allow for marking interproximal contacts in all locations of the mouth with ease. In addition, the easy-grip handle is bendable, allowing the user to reach proximal contacts.

For more information, call 800-235-1863 or visit

Orthotown Magazine

G-aenial Bulk Injectable 
G-aenial Bulk Injectable—GC America’s injectable high-strength nanoparticle composite with proven viscosity, handling and adaptation characteristics—may be used as a one-step application for bulk-filling up to the occlusal surface (up to 4mm) without the need for capping or veneering with another composite.

The homogeneously dispersed nanoparticle formula provides high flexural strength and wear resistance for a durable, long-lasting restoration that retains its gloss for years after placement. It is highly shapeable and easy to manipulate, and provides superb adaptation to the cavity for reduced occurrence of porosities and air bubbles, which can compromise marginal integrity. In addition, G-aenial Bulk Injectable will not stick to instruments.

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