Product Profile: Snuggies and Snuggies 2.0 by Flow Dental

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Digital X-ray imaging, like any process, has its unique challenges. One such challenge is providing patient comfort while also protecting the patient and the sensor from cross-contamination. Flow’s Snuggies and Snuggies 2.0 are an improvement of the standard barrier sheath. Snuggies work with most size 0, 1 and 2 sensors. Snuggies 2.0 are perfect for larger size 2 sensors. With either product, the operator slides the Snuggie over the sensor, peels off the clear tab, wraps the Snuggie tightly over the sensor and presses down on the adhesive tab.

Snuggies and Snuggies 2.0 offer several benefits compared with conventional barrier bags:

  • There is no excess material for patients to gag on.
  • The tight fit around the sensor head prevents the sensor from sliding around inside the bag.
  • The office only has to inventory one barrier for all size sensors.

Snuggies will improve patient comfort and office productivity. For more information, visit or call 800-356-9729.

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