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When we found out about Front Office Rocks, we just about went crazy. Finally, someone cracked the code on training office staff without the pocket-gutting cost of bringing in a practice consultant or spending countless hours training new hires!


What is Front Office Rocks?

Front Office Rocks is an online training resource developed by Laura Hatch, a Dental Office Manager committed to developing first-hand training and experience to improve all the day-to-day operations and customer service of your office team. These awesome, interactive and often role-played videos give the staff a lighthearted but highly integrative way to streamline office operations and get butts in seats, not out the door!

  • Real-world office training accessed 24/7 with mobile-friendly online streaming

  • Real-time feedback and results to implement directly into your practice

  • Featuring live webinars, newsletters and resources tailored per office position

  • Each account features staff questionnaires to track progress, efficiency and test scores

  • Specially designed by a dental office trainer for training of your entire office team


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Rocking The Boat of Office Training

In one simple, easy to use online platform dental offices now have the tools to train their office staff using short, easily absorbed training videos that they can put into action right away. Front Office Rocks streamlines the process of office training to convert more would-be patients into regular visitors. As a result, you get to focus on what matters most--caring for your patients.


FOR teaching.png


We Know It Works

At Front Office Rocks, there’s no time taken out of the office, no hassle scheduling for outside consultants, and no losing your mind when you’ve spent money on marketing just to watch potential patients make a move but stop at the line--the phone line, that is!


With a monthly subscription lower than your typical grocery bill, we wanted to be Front Office Rocks skeptics. But after watching Laura Hatch’s down-to-earth, real life videos and using the training with our own clients, we’re convinced Laura has personally seen it all and is on a mission to turn office training on its head.


FOR Classes.png


Why We Love It:

As marketers, our primary job is to help drive new patients and activate existing patients. Once we generate a lead and the phone rings, the baton is passed to the dentist’s front office to complete the conversion. A well trained front desk can be the difference between increasing new patients and losing out! We can make the phone ring, but we can’t make the prospective patient book-- that’s your front office team’s job!  


If your front desk team doesn’t have phone etiquette or understand that they are the first impression for the practice, you may not be realizing the prospective patients you’re missing.


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The Front Desk Team or Receptionist is Your Sales Team!

Your receptionist should have an innate sense of customer service and be a friendly, compassionate person. Not only that, front office teams need to have sales 101 training. If they don’t know how to demonstrate value, they won’t know how to bring in new patients!


Understanding how to convert a prospective patient, and most importantly, understanding why that is important to the practice is absolutely paramount to increasing new patient numbers. Enter: Front Office Rocks. Through short, insightful video tutorials featuring Laura and her team,  your team can learn how to answer the phone, prioritize calls, answer common questions the practice receives, and of course understand the basics of patient conversion.


While we are only focusing on the marketing benefits of a product like Front Office Rocks, there are also over 100 videos available for the other key players in your practice: Scheduling, Treatment Coordinator, Financial Coordinator, and Office Manager.


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Our Research Says:

Founder Laura Hatch’s idea of a subscriber, web-based training tool for dentists and their team is an absolute no-brainer. Hiring new staff? Front Office Rocks. Need a refresher? Front Office Rocks. Don’t know how to handle a front-office issue? Front Office Rocks.


Make sure your receptionist and phone-answering team has the tools they need to book prospective patients. Beyond that, using Front Office Rocks as a tool to educate every aspect of your office through these abbreviated, educational videos is an absolute no brainer for your practice, team and your wallet.


Pricing and Agreement:

Front Office Rocks is $149 per month with no contract, our you can save $300 over the monthly price by choosing the yearly subscription of $1,500.


FOR Headshot.png

Web Training In The Real World

It’s not enough these days to hire on front office staff and rely on experience alone for training. No matter if you are a dental practice, grocery store or run a daycare in your neighborhood--you need to rely on the first face your customers see when they contact your business. Reputation can make or break a business, and with Front Office Rocks training at your side you’ll be ready to roll out the best first impression of your practice from a qualified dental team.

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