How Is An Automated Dental Insurance Verification Software Beneficial For Your Practice?
How Is An Automated Dental Insurance Verification Software Beneficial For Your Practice?
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How Sankey Diagram Used in Data Visualization?

How Sankey Diagram Used in Data Visualization?

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A Sankey diagram is a data visualization tool dedicated to graphically depicting flows. The chart lets you outline the flow of different data variables in a graphical format enabling you to uncover hidden insights. Data visualization is all about showcasing data in a more simplified format that can be easily read and understood using a layman's language.

 However, it is high time that you understand that visualization is more than just simple charts since it's a wide sector that needs you to have incredible knowledge in this area to get things up and running. It's evident that bar charts are popularly known for presenting a series of data values in a graphical format.

 There are other types of charts that involve more sophisticated types of visualizations, such as Sankey charts, that you need to learn and master. Also, other data visualization formats are known to change data from one format to another to enable you to analyze the displayed content with a lot of ease. This is where a Sankey diagram comes in since it has all the vital features that convert a complex data format into an easily readable form.

 What Does a Sankey Diagram Do?

 The Sankey chart is used to showcase the flow of data from one point to the next and the respective volume proportionally. The volume refers to the magnitude of the relationship existing between the categories and is represented using arrows. Note that the wider the arrows, the greater the relationship. If you are working on things to do with data variation, you need to combine all the elements and divide the diagram into different categories.

 When combining different variables, you need to utilize different colors in order to outline the difference appealingly. Note that the arrows tend to complete their connection through a common point between various categories. The connections are popularly known as links since they connect one point to another. If you want to visualize a diverse data mapping, a Sankey chart has your back covered.

 Also, a Sankey diagram is a good choice if you have data that you want to present in a manner that displays different paths within a series of data stages. If you look at a Sankey chart closely, you will realize that there are thicker connections than others. This is meant to signify the strength of the existing relationship between one point and another.

 A Short History of the Sankey Diagram

 The Sankey diagram was named after its founder, an engineer known as Mathew Sankey. The chart was introduced in the year 1898 to identify the energy efficiency of a steam engine system. During the invention, Sankey could detect the flow of the steam across the engine, with every flow affecting the nature of the other. After the successful invention of the chart, Sankey has made an incredible history within the engineering field, which is currently used in different sectors.

 The current Sankey chart incorporates many features that make it easier to depict the flow of different variables between different points. A Sankey chart has a successful history of presenting accurate results that you can utilize in making accurate business decisions, provided that you feed the tool with the right information, and you will have the appropriate output at the end.

 Uses of a Sankey Diagram

 A Sankey chart is used in multiple aspects, provided that you want to learn more about the data flow. However, very few people understand when it is the right time to apply the Sankey concept in order to visualize data. The most common use of a Sankey diagram is in the Google Analytics section to monitor customer operations. If you have a Google ad account, you need to do proper monitoring to identify areas needing changes.

 When you connect the two, a Sankey diagram elaborates further on the customer's journey giving you a clear picture of the challenges experienced by customers from different demographics. This gives you a hint of what needs to be done in order to create a streamlined business environment where customers have all their needs covered.

 In addition, generating a report that presents your Google ads activities is not a walk in the park since you need to handle the technical part of it. A Sankey chart can help you summarize the process and give you a better starting point that you can use to generate a comprehensive report of all your activities within a given time frame.

 Sankey Diagrams and Flowchart

 Many people tend to confuse the difference between a Sankey chart and a flow chart. It is vital to mark the difference between the two in order to avoid inconveniences during data visualization. Note that a Sankey diagram is a specific type of flowchart that is used to identify the flow of activities in a simple format. Every step within the chart is outlined using different figures and data elements that give more information regarding the respective process.

 The two use arrows to identify the flow in which the data is flowing in order to make it easier to analyze the chart and generate insights. The direction of the arrows mainly depends on the nature of the data you are dealing with and the final results that you intend to get. A flow chart is usually regarded as a process flow diagram or a process map.


Creating a Sankey Diagram

 Many people find it hard to create a Sankey diagram to outline their data. However, this is not as difficult a process as many people believe. You can opt to use the Sankey diagram maker, which only takes a couple of clicks, and you will have the job done, or use Microsoft Excel. When you choose to use Excel, you need to understand that there are add-ons that you need to install to your Excel.

 You can download and install the ChartExpo add-in that comes with a simple strategy that you can use to create the data. You will only need to import your data to Microsoft Excel and use ChartExpo to create your Sankey chart within minutes and use it to mine important information.

 Bottom Line

 A Sankey chart has a significant impact on the current business setting. Generating data insights is the core of all business operations across the industries. Once you have outlined your data properly, you will find it easier to uncover insights from the data that you can use to propel your business to the next level. Do you need to learn how to use a Sankey chart in your data operations? This article has all your concerns solved! 

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