Self Eduction and Cultivation
Self Eduction and Cultivation
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How to Ensure Your Patient’s Safety and Improve Customer Service

3/27/2019 8:04:12 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 20

Oral health is imperative to physical health and longevity, and yet far too few adults today make time for their bi-annual checkup. For most, dentist visits are only taken when they experience pain, which is one of the worst ways to care for your oral health. Receding gums, for example, cannot return, and instead, leave the bare tooth that was previously hidden by your gums to rot. 

So, how can dental professionals improve the frequency in which their patients visit them? To start, you can try out these top tips: 


Stay Up to Date With All Procedures 

Staying up to date with all procedures is one of the best ways to provide custom support to your patients and to make your practice a competitive place to be. Most modern-day procedures are less invasive and painful than those in the past, which can encourage more people to get the dental work they need doing. 

Have an Easy Feedback System for Staff and Patients 

Both your staff and patients need to feel their voice is heard. Your team should not feel harassed in any way, and similarly, your patients should feel that their needs and pain levels are cared for appropriately. 

Ask Ahead if A New Patient Has Any Specific Needs You Need to Be Aware Of 

When acquiring new patients, it is wise to ask for needs beyond what your admittance form requires. While medications need to be disclosed, it is also worth knowing if a patient has mental health issues or needs. 
1. For Autistic Patients 
For example, dealing with a patient who is on the autistic spectrum will be different than dealing with someone who isn’t. By learning how you can better care for your autistic patients, you can help encourage them to return more often to the dentist and bring in an influx of patients. 
2. For Those With Mental Health Concerns 
Patients who suffer from trauma, depression, or anxiety might find it easier to go to the dentist during quieter hours. By offering these quieter times, you can easily make the entire process of a dentist visit more relaxed and encourage these patients to care for their dental health. 
How to Manage A Lawsuit 
Insurance is there to cover any lawsuit, so it is best to not engage directly with your patient when they file a claim through Your insurance company and their lawyers will work it through, and so long as you do not engage or worsen the circumstance by inflaming their anger, you will get through it. This applies whether the reason for the lawsuit was valid or not. If they tripped over their own untied shoelace on flat ground and hurt themselves, they will still likely win a lawsuit, so getting emotionally involved only hurts you 

Caring for your patients does mean doing more for them than just keeping their teeth clean and healthy. You need to care for the person beyond the smile and help them feel comfortable enough to return regularly to your practice. 

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