SmileVision TV Brings Back the "Fun" to Your Internal Marketing

Posted: September 11, 2015
Edited by Dentaltown staff

ALBANY, N.Y.—How much research do dentists and orthodontists actually undergo to find the “perfect” marketing solution? As perfection exists, if it truly does, can it transform a business with a wealth of new patients? Well yes, if the internal marketing platform of your practice is intuitive, easy, and fun for the entire staffnot frustrating or expensiveyou can strategize dynamic marketing presentations, swiftly delivering a professional look.

If you’re being informed that marketing costs somewhere between 4-5 percent of your annual gross revenue, this may be correct: but what does this actually mean? It means that marketing is most important and critical to your business. Note, word-of-mouth (WOM) still remains as the all-time phenomenon to marketers, so be aware of what you are getting for your marketing investment. 

Introduce SmileVision TV as the only comprehensive internal marketing solution. It’s extremely intuitive and easy to manage by either you, your staff, or an internal/external marketer: the experience is knowing how easily one person can quickly navigate with success, completing advanced marketing techniques that customarily costs thousands.

You have options on equipment too—from non- to fully-managed technology solutions. The difference between the two? A non-managed solution is an inexpensive consumer product player (Android TV Dongle or Fire TV Dongle) and a managed player (enterprise), typically more expensive, is managed equipment, accessed remotely by a third party source to maintain consistent player operation.

With SmileVision TV as the precise internal marketing tool, you’ll receive all the benefits plus an ROI of which to be proud. At $147 per month, this is only $1,764 a year. Looking at published references, this equates to a company grossing $35.2K annually. If this were true, you would not be in business long or at all!

Conversely, if gross annual revenues are $800K, for example, with $40K as an overall marketing budget, the practice is essentially successful with anything that generates production at 3-to-4 times the cost. Prepared with all the necessary information, dentists and orthodontists can definitely determine something as serious as their internal marketing budget with ease, while continually maintaining a clinical focus.

Building WOM takes time, thoroughgoing repetition, brand acknowledgment and patient engagement: this is where SmileVision TV accelerates the internal marketing goal. SmileVision TV promotes PWOM (Positive Word of Mouth) by engaging patients. Patients generate PWOM about you and your services. SmileVision TV is the conduit and PWOM accelerant to increasing patient count talking about your practice.

Internal marketing is proven to be six times less expensive than external marketing and, in almost every case, the best way to start. SmileVision TV empowers its customers to build PWOM and this is proven to go a long way in reaching patients who give attention to their oral health. 

Patients “…should watch dental information, it’s a free marketing opportunity. So SmileVision TV enables me to educate my patients, teach them about my practice, teach them about dentistry, show them procedures and things they probably wouldn’t have otherwise known about…”  said Dr. Bill Dorfman.

SmileVision TV offers a comprehensive internal marketing solution with multi-level screen display products: Premium TV (sales & marketing on reception screens), Online TV Player (sales & marketing across consult and treatment room screens), Patient Consult (HD/3D comprehensive patient education videos across computers, tablets and iPads), SVTV Website Player (manage what potential patients see on your website) and Community Network (Social Network designed for professionals to share information with their peers). SmileVision TV produces live-action video year-round and anticipates releasing even more services to their suite of products, maintaining the low monthly rate.

For more information about SmileVision TV’s comprehensive internal marketing solutions, visit:


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