CAO Group Launches The Most Technologically Advanced Diode Laser System

The Precise SHP Diode Laser perfectly pairs state-of-the-art laser technology with the cutting-edge operating system of an Apple iPod touch
Posted: September 5, 2013
SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The CAO Group (CAO), a world-leading, high-technology dental company, has launched the latest in restorative dental products with the new Precise®SHP Diode Laser, equipped with the most sophisticated technology for diode laser procedures. The product will be available exclusively through Henry Schein Dental, the global dental business of Henry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSIC), the world's largest provider of health care products and services to dental, animal health and medical practitioners.
The Precise SHP Diode Laser, designed with state-of-the-art laser technology, is the first mobile touch-screen diode laser to feature the iPod touch. This comprehensive laser system provides live support via FaceTime® and allows dentists to watch training videos and demos as well as stay current with unlimited updates.
"Our Precise SHP Diode Laser complements the advances in restorative dental materials and techniques and provides the latest in technology through the Apple iPod touch, offering dentists unlimited updates, training and real-time support for all their diode laser procedures," said Dr. Densen Cao, CEO and founder of CAO. "With a proven track record of introducing the latest technology to the dental marketplace, Henry Schein is the ideal partner to bring the Precise SHP Diode Laser to dentists."
"We are committed to providing our dental customers with a comprehensive offering of integrated, innovative technology solutions to enhance the quality of care they provide their patients and increase the efficiency of their practices," said Jim Breslawski, president and chief operating officer of Henry Schein, Inc., and CEO of Henry Schein's Global Dental Group. "The addition of CAO's Precise SHP Diode Laser expands our offering in this important category, and we are very pleased to exclusively offer this exciting new product."
The Precise SHP Diode Laser System is highly versatile with 21 presets covering a wide spectrum of specialties, making everyday dental procedures easier to perform with excellent outcomes. The SHP Laser also features access to step-by-step setup instructions, laser procedure demonstrations and training videos, all through the iPod touch. FaceTime can be used to directly contact CAO technical, clinical and customer support experts.
The Precise SHP Diode Laser provides temporary pain relief for soft tissue, joint and muscle pain, offers laser-assisted in-office professional teeth whitening and is ideal for a multitude of procedures to avoid the difficulties of scalpel use such as bleeding, swelling, infection and pain. Additionally, the Precise SHP is the first diode laser system to include sterilized, disposable fiber tips for every procedure.
The Precise SHP Diode Laser is currently available in the U.S. only.
For more information about the Precise SHP Diode Laser, visit or


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