CAO Group Introduces Sheer DesenZ™ Desensitizing Treatment

Posted: December 14, 2010
CAO Group Introduces Sheer DesenZ™ Desensitizing Treatment

CAO’s Revolutionary SheerFilm™ Technology Makes Sheer DesenZ™
Simple to Apply, Easy to Wear, and Loved by Patients!

West Jordan, UT (December 8, 2010) – The CAO Group, Inc. (CAO), a worldwide provider of innovative dental devices and materials, recently introduced the latest member of its revolutionary SheerFilm™ family of products, Sheer DesenZ™ Desensitizing Treatment with 3% Potassium Nitrate.

The product is easily applied, stays where placed, can be readily removed, and rapidly relieves the oral pain and discomfort commonly associated with dental procedures and thermal temperature changes.

Sheer DesenZ employs the most advanced delivery system on the market. Made of CAO Group’s innovative and proprietary thin, flexible SheerFilm material, Sheer DesenZ films are easily placed and deliver rapid relief. The SheerFilm material conveniently stretches and molds tight to the teeth to ensure complete contact of Sheer DesenZ’s desensitizing gel to the unique contours of each tooth and gum surface. What’s more, CAO’s SheerFilm design effectively prevents any washout of gel or leakage down the patient’s throat.

Sheer DesenZ™ is available in an Introductory Kit (contains 6 Patient Treatment Kits) and a Bulk Kit (contains 24 Patient Treatment Kits). Each Patient Treatment Kit contains four (4) Single Arch Treatment packs, each containing one long film and 2 single tooth films (for localized discomfort) to enable easy in-office application or dispensing for at-home use.

All SheerFilm products are available exclusively through Henry Schein Dental.

Following its Sheer White! teeth whitening films, Sheer DesenZ is the second CAO Group product featuring the company’s revolutionary SheerFilm material. The company will shortly release the third product in this family – Sheer FluorX™ Fluoride Treatment films for professional fluoride therapy.

For more information on Sheer DesenZ, please call 877-236-4408, or log onto

About The CAO Group, Inc.
The CAO Group, Inc. (CAO), under the direction of Densen Cao, PhD, is headquartered in West Jordan, Utah, with FDA registered and EN 13485 certified manufacturing facilities in West Jordan, Utah and Beijing, China. CAO is one of the world-leading companies focused on understanding and optimizing the use and application of light and biomaterials in dental care applications. Driven by innovative technologies, CAO has been granted or filed more than 150 patents in these high-technology areas and is recognized as the product development leader in dental materials and devices, especially in LED curing lights and soft tissue surgical lasers. CAO’s mission in dentistry is to make applications of dental materials and devices Easier. Faster. Better™.


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