PDA Promotes Brent Hogan to VP of Client Services

Posted: May 9, 2024
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ANACORTES, Wash.—Productive Dentist Academy (PDA) announces the promotion of Brent Hogan from Client Success Manager to Vice President of Client Services. This move underscores PDA’s commitment to nurturing internal talent and providing unparalleled support to independent dentists and Investment Grade Practices across the nation.

“Brent has been a key contributor to our clients’ success for more than two years,” said PDA Co-founder and CEO Dr. Victoria Peterson. “His experience in dental practice operations, finance and marketing brings unparalleled insights into how solo practitioners and small groups grow with integrity.”

As Vice President of Client Services, Hogan is responsible for overseeing annual sales and retention within PDA, while also shaping the organization’s client engagement strategy. Among his expanded responsibilities, he will lead initiatives such as conducting client feedback surveys to gather valuable insights, collaborating closely with the product delivery team to ensure alignment with client needs and identifying and addressing any gaps between sales targets and product deliverables.

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