Guatemalan Community Clinic Invites Volunteers for Mission Trips

Posted: February 27, 2024
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The Open Wide Legacy Dental Clinic, within Local Hope’s Xela Aid Community Clinic in the village of San Martin Chiquito, Guatemala, will be inaugurated during an upcoming volunteer trip in April.

Members of the dental community, as well as anyone interested in humanitarian service, are invited to attend April 14–20 and May 4–12.

In addition to dentistry, volunteers will be able to participate in other service projects and cultural activities, including Mayan cooking classes, an authentic Mayan “Day Keeping” ceremony and more. Volunteers will also be able to experience the city of Antigua and other local attractions.

The April trip will consist of seven days and six nights in Antigua and San Martín Chiquito.?The cost is?$1,853 for double occupancy and $2,243 for single occupancy.

In May, volunteers will spend nine days and eight nights in Antigua, San Martín Chiquito and Lake Atitlan. The cost is $2,159 for double occupancy and $2,679 for single occupancy.

Local Hope, known in Guatemala as?Xela Aid, is a not-for-profit organization that provides 18 programs spanning health care, education and career development, serving largely indigenous populations in poverty belts in Guatemala.

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