Planet DDS Partners with Overjet

Posted: December 8, 2022
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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—Planet DDS, provider of cloud-based dental software, announced a partnership with Overjet, a dental artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, to incorporate AI capability into its Apteryx XVWeb Cloud Imaging software and all-in-one practice management solution, Denticon. The new AI integration will provide real-time decision support to dentists as they review X-ray images with patients and increase confidence in their clinical decisions, promote proactive and preventative care, and enhance provider-patient relationships.

This is the only partnership in the industry that collectively delivers:
1. An FDA-cleared solution that can quantify bone levels in addition to detecting and outlining decay.
2. The scalability of the Apteryx XVWeb software, allowing practices to use virtually any imaging device.

The partnership is also uniquely positioned with a large number of existing practices in common, including many dental service organizations (DSOs) in the country, that will have access to this new AI capability in Apteryx XVWeb.

Overall, practices report an increase of about 21% in case acceptance when patients are shown their X-rays with AI annotations, according to an Overjet customer study.

Currently, many factors can negatively affect diagnostic accuracy, including image quality, lighting conditions, cognitive errors, and device settings. As a result, a significant number of dental conditions, such as decay and bone loss, can go undiagnosed. With Overjet’s AI technology integrated into Apteryx XVWeb software, dentists and patients can gain more meaningful insights from X-rays and focus their attention on areas of concern.

Overjet’s AI solution analyzes and annotates radiographs in real-time, detecting and outlining decay in color to help dentists and patients see even small cavities. It also quantifies bone loss, which is often an indicator of periodontal disease. Overjet also reviews and analyzes 18 months of radiographs from prior appointments and cross-references the clinical findings with information in the practice management system to provide additional clinical insights and operational efficiencies.

Apteryx XVWeb is a cloud-based dental imaging solution that allows practices to store, view, and optimize clinical images for treatment planning. Designed to work with virtually all imaging devices and practice management solutions, Apteryx offers anytime, anywhere access.

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